Top 10 iPhone Business Application while Travelling

Posted on 07 September 2009

Thinking to go for a long business trip, having you laptop with additional battery in to your travel bag seems so complex and heavy. Why not you use your iPhone for managing you basic business tasks. You can easily access data of your company’s computer and can manage website and also can do basic office document work by using Word or Excel.

For a traveler iPhone not only meant a gaming device-it can be more helpful in managing business on the go. With the release of iPhone 3GS, Apple handset are now more better regarding their security and improved real-time email delivery. These both feature are mostly required by any companies’ IT department.

We have here after getting opinion with mobile business experts, we have arranged a list of best iPhone business applications that a businessman required on his business trip. Hope your next business trip will be without your heavy laptop.

Pay online with iTerminal

iTerminal is a application through it you can pay online from your credit cards. It only requires a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. The application can take all major credit cards. It include Visa, American Express, Discover and Mastercard.

Manage Projects

Another thing a business traveler need is his management of projects and collaboration with its main office or Basecamp. Many application provide such desktops Basecamp’s functionality to iPhone but the Encamp stand higher in the rank of such applications. Encamp can provide you easy access to your to-do-lists, messages and targets. The application’s desktop will provide to every recent or latest activities.

Travel with FlightTrackPro

Its  cumbersome for a frequent traveler to manage delayed flight, reservation and confusing last minutes gate changes. We have here FlightTrack Pro application in our list. It will assist you in managing your travel schedule, track FAA airport delays and closures. FlightTrackPro also check for your flight cancelation and your gate numbers. You can even have info regarding aircraft type and its speed etc.

Presentation Never so Easy

Now you can give presentation anywhere anytime if you have mbPointer in you iPhone. mbPointer is helpful with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can avail it functionality with XP/Vista or Mac PCs. You just have to install free companion receiver tool to the computer on which you have to give presentation. It not only work as PowerPoint remote but it act as touchpad for you PC. You can take the work of mouse movement with it.

Track Your Website

Now you can track your Web site and blogs. Now tracking  traffic to site in not a desk-only job. The best desktop tool is Google Analytics and for iPhone we have Analytic Application. Through this application you can access to a variety of Google Analytic Reports on your iPhone.  It offers 47 analytics reports and different styles.

Contact Management

Managing contacts is also a big task while travelling. LinkedIn for iPhone enable you to manage your contact or social networks. You can add people to LinkedIn for iPhone. Through LinkedIn you can communicate your contact about your whereabouts.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

iPhone has a flaw while doing work Microsoft Office document. If an e-mail received having Word document as an attachment, you can read it but cannot edit it. But Quickoffice for iPhone has resolved the problem. Now its easy to view, edit and exchange Microsoft Excel and Word document.

Time Tracking

Time management is another difficult task while working on different projects with multiple clients. ClockIn enable you to have a good check over the time you spent with clients and on projects. With few taps you can put your check in or out. ClockIn can also message your information to e-mail so you can see it on your computer.

Sales Management with eBay Mobile

Now working with eBay is more handy. if you are a eBay storefront business or even sell thing occasionally, the eBay Mobile version of iPhone will be helpful to you. It will communicate item prices to you and you can also place bids on auctions. Another tool eBay Profit Calculator is also available. You can calculate your profit after selling eBay products.

Store your Ideas

Evernote is helpful in making notes, storing ideas and keeping voice memos and all these thing can be synced easily to your computer (Mac or PC). Evernote can has voice-recording feature and also is capable of utilizing iPhone’s camera to take still of the thing you want to remember.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 iPhone Business Application while Travelling”

  1. Bodyplastika says:

    Thanks for all the info. I’m going to download flight track pro! :D

  2. Jay says:

    This is a great place to get your own iphone apps built try

  3. Tanya Lobo says:

    I like iTerminal and time tracking apps in this tips, do you have any idea about android apps which gives same features, i recently shifted to Android phone.

  4. Patrice says:

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