The Motorola Cliq with MotoBlur

Posted on 30 September 2009

The Motorola Cliq with MotoBlur is an elegant, smart phone having a responsive touch screen, together with the advantage of having social networking, information and contact information all on one screen.

However, similar to other T-Mobile Android phones, the Cliq is lacks a bit of style. With a big, 3.1-inch screen, a rectangular design and a slide-away keyboard, the Cliq does not make much of an impression as compared to the clunky G1 and the flashy MyTouch. All three phones are carried by T-Mobile, but Cliq is actually a bit more responsive than the new MyTouch.

Motorola’s MotoBlur UI

Although the hardware makes the first impression, but the real thing to see here is Motorola’s MotoBlur user interface. The eccentric start screen can be extended to five customizable themes. It may quickly win you over with its new style and ease.

MotoBlur is actually more than a UI; in reality, it’s a cloud-based service. You just have to sign up online and put in all your member info for your social networking services and e-mail. All of the given information is that synchronized with your Cliq and, along with your Gmail and Outlook calendar info, is blended into the MotoBlur interface.

The Cliq is efficient enough to constantly pull updates related to your contacts, whether they are sending direct messages or posting to the various social networking sites. Cliq with MotoBlur also supports Microsoft Exchange Email. Moreover, in case you lose your Cliq, you have the facility to remotely wipe the phone, if it can be found via GPS, and before doing that, it is possible to retrieve all your contact and messaging information from the Blur online service.

Android Widgets

The bubbles on your Cliq with MotoBlur UI are actually Android Widgets. They cause the interface to start with a core set: Happenings, Direct, Status and Weather. All of the widgets are updated with fresh information within seconds of turning on the phone.

Memory Card

The memory card of Cliq can only be accessed if you remove the back of the device. And it’s not under the SIM card. Another good point is the 2GB of built in memory, so you don’t have to use a micro-SD card that often.

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