Textarea++ Gives Firefox Users Control Over Textareas On Websites

Posted on 16 September 2009

Have you ever been to a website in which you want to participate, e.g. a forum or a blog, only to be turned down by an abysmal small comment form textarea? It might be one that is good for only a small sentence what it essentially means is that it will only show a few lines of the text that has been written at a time. If you are willing to check your comment or post then for doing that you need to go back and forth with the cursor keys as it is a fact that textareas usually do not come with scrollbars.

Text Area Resizer & Mover

Back in 2008 we have read about a Firefox add-on called Text Area Resizer & Mover which did a tremendous job of resizing textareas. Not only works great with the ones that were to small but also with those that were too big. With it a user was able to move the textarea but this often caused problems with the site layout.

What is a Textarea++?

Textarea++ is a new experimental add-on for the Firefox web browser. A similar functionality is offered by it except for moving textareas on the screen. It posses a few aces up its sleeve though it makes it interesting enough to justify a review. By just moving the mouse cursor to the lower right corner Textareas can be resized. Then after that the size of the textarea can be increased or decreased.

It has been claimed by the developers that it works with all textareas even those that are loaded dynamically and they have said that they have not found a textarea during their tests that would make that claim invalid.

Scrollbar added for Textareas

Another interesting option has been entered and that is a scrollbar has been added for textareas where more text than the visible limit can handled. Even if scrollbar functionality has been locked by the webmaster then also this scrollbar is added.

For users who regularly post on websites that offer an improper textarea for that task then this Textarea++ is an interesting add-on for them. Users who prefer a bookmarklet can find the Form Text Resizer bookmarklet at The Man In Blue page. And there are also quite a few userscripts that provide a similar functionality, for example that by Julien Couvreur.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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