iPhone Users Report Problems With Software Update

Posted on 10 September 2009

Many iPhone users are complaining of a software update that has rendered their handsets unusable.

The iPhone 3.1 software update was issued yesterday. Since then, it has caused some handsets to freeze and get stuck in a restore loop. The upgrade wipes out all the content of the device. Moreover, the iPhone gets stuck and cannot be used to make or receive calls. It is also difficult to downgrade the software to the previous 3.0 operating system.

Batwing, an iPhone user, said on Apple’s support forums that he tried everything that he could find on trouble shooting pages, but ended up getting numerical errors after the phone/computer tries to restore to 3.1.

Reinstalling iTunes, restoring on 3 different computers, holding down power/home buttons, nothing helped to restore the phone to 3.1.

According to another user, the iPhone does restore back to 3.0, but trying to update to 3.1 gets the iPhone stuck in recovery mode every time.

Apple should thoroughly test these upgrades before issue them out to users. It seems as though they are not doing thorough testing as so many people are having the same problem with the same software.

Most of the iPhone owners have been using Twitter to discuss the issue and find solutions. It is not known how many iPhone users are affected by the software problems, nor what has caused dozens of devices to crash. Apple has not commented on the situation, although it is likely that engineers are already working on resolving the problem.

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