iPhone 3GS

Posted on 28 September 2009

The iPhone 3GS is said to be the fastest and the most powerful iPhone. The new, added features including video recording, Voice Control, storage up to 32GB and much more make it more appealing.

It can launch applications in an extremely short time. Web pages can be viewed almost instantly, and email attachments can be viewed faster too. The gaming experience is also enhanced due to the updated 3D graphics. In fact, everything you did on iPhone 3G is up to 2x faster and more responsive in iPhone 3GS.

The best part is that now it is possible to make a video, edit it, and share it using your iPhone 3GS. The new added features also include the following:

3-Megapixel Camera

The new 3-megapixel camera enable you to take great still photos and make videos too. The built-in autofocus together with a new handy feature that lets you tap the display to focus on anything you want helps you to get great pictures.

Voice Control

Through voice control, you can simply order your phone to make a call or play a song. The iPhone recognizes the names in your Contacts and also knows the music on your iPod. So, all you have to do is ask.


The iPhone 3GS can direct the way using the built-in digital compass. You can use the new Compass application, or watch as it automatically reorients maps to match the direction you’re facing

Cut, Copy & Paste

iPhone 3GS allows you to cut, copy, and paste words and photos, even between applications. It is also possible to copy and paste images and content from the web, too.

landscape Keyboard

If you feel uneasy with the small keyboard on screen, you can create more room to type on the intelligent software keyboard by rotating your iPhone to landscape to use a larger keyboard in Mail, Messages, Notes, and Safari.


You can send messages having text, video, photos, audio, locations, and contact information. It is also possible to forward one or more messages to others.

Voice Memos

By using the new voice memos application, you can capture and share a thought, a memo, a meeting, or any audio recording whenever you want.

Nike + iPod

The iPhone includes built-in Nike + iPod support. So, just slip the Nike + iPod Sensor, which is available separately, into your Nike+ shoe and start your workout.


You can view stocks on iPhone by opening charts, financial details, and headline news for any stock you choose. Rotate iPhone to see even more detailed information.

Find My iPhone

It is possible to find your iPhone using Apple’s MobileMe service, in case you misplace it. Simply log on to me.com to view a map that shows the approximate location of your iPhone. If it’s nearby, make it play an alert sound to help you find it. If it’s not anywhere near, you can send a custom message to be displayed, remotely lock it with a passcode, or initiate a remote wipe and restore it to factory settings.

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