3 Important Things to Look in a Mobile Phone

Posted on 11 September 2009

The Start of the new millennium gave a big boost to the mobile phone industry. The users touched the count of millions in just a few years, even the big companies like LG, Samsung etc which are well known their big jobs like skyscraper constructions and ship building fascinated towards the growth of mobile industry and they plunged themselves into it. mobile phone

Now days we see Mobile industry as a massive platform with an immense competition. Every month we have hundreds of new mobile phone designs that come with updated features and elevated utilities, which make it very hard to choose among the diversity of designs and features offered by different mobiles. So here are 3 worthy tips to help you out in choosing an appropriate mobile phone for you.

Determine What Feature You Required

The first step is to find your need regarding the utilization of phone. Under the shadow of this tip you need to figure out for what major purposes you will be using the mobile phone. A few orthodox functions are provided by all the mobile phone like Send/Receive SMS or initiating/terminating call sessions, yet there are so many other features that makes it difficult to decide. Phone Features

But your priorities can solve this dilemma, if your priorities are to listen quality music and to maintain a large database of music right in your pocket then you need to be going for a music phones with good Media facilities (Sony Ericsson W-series, Nokia Express Music etc .. ), and if You are more business oriented person and you want a complete control over your business right in your palm then go for the business phones with latest Connectivity features (Black Berry, i-mate etc).

Define the Budget:

Defining your budget narrow downs your approach to find the appropriate mobile. Mobiles with same feature are available at different prices yet their brand name reflects their cost. So if you are more like status conscious person then go for expensive phone with a good brand name and if you are just interested in the feature and not interested in showing it off, then go for new and cheap brands with low price.

Deciding the Level of Phone You Need

Deciding the level of phone you need makes you quite clear for the right investment of your money.

Entry Level phones:

Entry level phones are phones with basic feature and low price. It just keeps you connected via sms and phone calls, so you can get these phones on quite low prices.

Mid Level Phones:

These phones with basic utilities offer some additional features as well like mp3, radio, Bluetooth etc. So people requiring these additional features need to put some more money (comparatively to the Entry level phone prices).

High End mobile phones:

High end mobile phones come with extended features those which are not available in the previous levels of mobile phones. These phones come with attractive gadgets to enhance the connectivity, Display quality, touch screen facilities along with many other powerful characteristics.

PDA Mobile Phones:

PDAs provides its user a complete access over the tasks that are normally been done on Personal computers. PDAs are loaded with all the features that are available on a common PC, also containing facilities provided by mobiles from the previous levels. It has set a concept of pocket PC that attracts a big segment from the business class yet it needs hefty amount of money to put in by the buyer.

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