Taking A Laptop To The Beach; Safe or Not?

Posted on 10 August 2009

It is acknowledged fact that sand, water and salt present in the sea spray air makes undesirable affects to computer equipments. So, bringing your laptop computer on the beach isn’t a right thought, even if your vacation photographs can gain points with your boss.

If you take your laptop near the beach, let’s say to a picnic area far away from areas where sand can be kicked around, is little risky. The laptop might still be open to some other factors, like the sun, which may make your laptop really hot. If you just need to drag your laptop along with you then you should try to protect it from nature as much as you can.

e.g. Always cover up the open portholes and slots (but not vents) located at the external side of your laptop with electric tape to keep out blowing sand and dust. Making investment on a fine plastic or silicone keyboard covering will have double advantage; it not only helps in keeping sand out of the keyboard but also soften the sound of typing. These items are normally available at $25 or less around the net, depending upon laptop’s model.

Your laptop screen might also get faded in shinning sun. Therefore if you can not get any shady place, shelter or umbrella to work under then buy an antiglare screen protector; it will work greatly. There is a company which has urged to use a laptop at beaches or pools and introduced tenlike products to give protection to computers and make their screens readable.

But if you are cautious about your laptop and seriously want to protect it, then I would suggest to leave it back at the rental house it’s even better to keep it at home. Check your emails and social networking sites thru cell phone. Cover it into a water-proof plastic bag to keep it safe when not used.

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