Sony’s PS3 Slim Carries Updated Cell Chip

Posted on 20 August 2009

The PlayStation 3 Slim gaming console from Sony Computer Entertainment is smaller and cheaper, and it also adds hardware enhancements which has made it speedier, and its new hardware enhancements also includes a new Cell microprocessor.

The gaming console has been introduced on Tuesday, it is a slimmer and lighter version of older PS3 consoles. 120GB hard drive is carried by this gaming console which has been upgraded from the 80GB of storage that has been offered in the earlier PS3. The console will become available on September 1 and it would be sold for US$299.

In order to boost its processing speed and power efficiency, Sony has made some enhancements. An upgraded version of the Cell microprocessor will be carried by the gaming console, that Cell microprocessor is being jointly developed by IBM, Sony and Toshiba.

An IBM spokesman said that, in the manufacturing process of this new chip an advanced 45-nanometer has been used. IBM said that based on IBM’s Power architecture, the chip is going to deliver many performance improvements and it will draw less power than what was drawn by earlier chips. A Cell processor has been carried by the earlier console and that cell processor was manufactured using the 65-nm process.

Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research said that, some cost production could be delivered to users by chip production enhancements for the Cell. He further said that the chips will become more power efficient and some energy savings can be seen by users.

On launch, it has been said by a Sony executive that the advanced manufacturing process was a factor that has driven the console’s price down.

The a graphics processing unit is also carried by the console that is made by Nvidia, though on immediate basis the details about the chip were not available.

The RSX GPU has been carried by earlier consoles that has been developed jointly by Nvidia and Sony. It has been said by Peddie that the graphics core in the PS3 Slim has to be identical or similar to the RSX GPUs, because if that doesn’t happen then existing games for the PS3 won’t run on the new console.

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One Response to “Sony’s PS3 Slim Carries Updated Cell Chip”

  1. yaku says:

    I buy new PS3 slim but I cannot connect wireless internet…please give me the exact DNS primary and secondary server or what are the exact internet IP configuration….


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