Manage Your Host Files with cPanel

Posted on 27 August 2009

CPanel is an easy user-interface site by which you can control your host account environment. The main peculiar thing of this operating system is that it so simple to use that even a below average computer user can also use it easily.

Features of cPanel

It has got several great features that are embedded into its panel and some of the features are listed below.

Site Tools

In cPanel there are such tools that are available for your use, which are Web Protect (.htaccess editor), it has Custom error pages, it Redirects, it has the ability to edit MIME types,  it has got the ability to edit Apache handlers, Install/Uninstall FrontPage Extensions, it can submit search engine tool and also it serves as File Manager.


The email program in cPanel gives you  the possibility to add, remove, and change passwords while that you manage your email accounts. CPanel is also given by Webmail for the accounts, Auto responders, Forwarders, Mailing Lists, Spam filtering and some more.


The backup provides you the possibility to create copies of account files and databases. By the backup menu you are also allowed to download any automatic backups that were downloaded by your CPanel administrator.


Here you can find different tools in order to survey your site popularity and efficiency. These tools include Webalizer web stats, Webalizer FTP stats, Analog stats, AWStats, View latest visitors, View bandwidth usage and View error log modules.


Here a module is available that controls FTP accounts (add, remove, change password for its access), there are anonymous FTP controls; it has got the ability to change FTP login message and also to kill FTP sessions.

Advanced Stuff

With it you have now got an ability to add or remove subdomains, Subdomain Redirects and its Stats.

Advanced Tools

You are given tools of SSH access tools, Manage GPG keys and Cron jobs.
Here you can also find Pre-Installed CGI Scripts. These CGI Scripts are Interchange Cart, Agora Cart, Bulletin Board, Java Chat, HTML Chat, phpMyChat, CGI Wrapper (for non-suexec installs), Random HTML generator, Advanced Guestbook, Counter Generator, Java Clock Generator, Java Countdown Generator, Secure FormMail clone, CGIEmail, Entropy Search, Entropy Banner.

DNS Lookup and Traceroute are Network Tools. The tools that are included as Database Management tools are Managing MySQL databases and phpMyAdmin access.

For the beginners, CPanel provides a lot of options that are easy to use. CPanel works with most of browsers, such as IE, Opera, Firefox and others.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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  1. BadGirl26 says:

    The sensation of interacting with a real macroscopic sample on a workbench is very strong. ,

  2. HostingPie says:

    mmm,this was great info, keep up the good work!

  3. Maciek says:

    I remember the first time I logged into a Cpanel, I hadn’t a clue where to start, thankfully I’ve been able to figure things out since then
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  4. says:

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  6. Aleksandr says:

    Im a russian hoster. I use Cpanel and ISPManager
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