15 Cool Tips for Google Doc Power Users

Posted on 03 August 2009

A summarized practical guide is mentioned in points below regarding how to work with Google Office. Some of the major points are as follows:


  1. To upload Microsoft Office documents  to the Google Docs, you can use the List Uploader  of Windows and drag files from your desktop to the Google Doc, using the right click menu. The MAC OS X user can use the GDocsUploader by dragging files from the desktop directly to the Uploader icon. Another option is GDocsBar, simply drag files in the Firefox side bar and it will be automatically upload in the Google Docs.

  2. You can open your MS Office files directly in the web browser by getting Google Toolbar in the Firefox and selecting the option of Google Docs from the Toolbar.

  3. You can secure your files from being hacked from Google account, in case you wish to burn it in CD, you can use the Grease Monkey Script, it will allow you to select the online documents that you wish to download and then select the DownloadthemAll add-on.

  4. You can add titles like confidential, urgent etc to you documents by simply editing the CSS of the document; add an image to the file with different backgrounds.

  5. MS Office documents are not compatible with Google Docs, you can use Zamzar to convert the docs into older version and then upload it in Google Docs.

  6. The great benefit of Google Doc is that you can view Office files and Powerpoint files on your web browser, for this you will have to send the email to your Google Docs address, you will find the link to the presentation you can see it without having any Office viewer.

  7. If you want to know about your forwarded document, who have read it and when, you can utilize the option of Track visits to my documents through Google Analytics.

  8. For the immediate purpose as well, if you need to know whether the mail is checked by the particular you can use a secret 1×1 image for tracking to let you know when the document is read.

  9. Desktop shortcuts are best; also Google bookmarklets makes it easier to do quick activities.

  10. You can use the Google Docs as a free writing space by turning the Writing styles from Edit to the black background and then turn the font color into white or green color and then press ctrl+Shift+F to make it full wide screen. You can check the hack for word too.

  11. Google Doc is friendly to many activities like, making spreadsheets and writing documents, along with it is possible to work on live blogging, RSS Reader, comparison of text files, plan weddings and occasions etc.

  12. Some of the Desktop applications that can associate with Google Docs are GM Desk, G Docs Bar and OO Ad- On and Send to Google Docs.

  13. Google Docs Library can be used in Fire Fox sidebar, by creating a link to http://docs.google.com/m and browse all documents but you are unable to create anything new there.

  14. Google Docs are well doing in saving Web Clipping and notes as well. But it is not confirm whether this can be performed with Google Chrome as well.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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