Facebook Faces California Privacy Lawsuit

Posted on 18 August 2009

On Monday Facebook Inc. was sued by five users by whom it is said that it violates California’s privacy laws and it is misleading members about the use of their personal information.

The lawsuit is looking for a jury trial and it has been filed in Orange County Superior Court, seeking damages and attorney’s fees.

It has been said by The Palo Alto-based social networking company that it had planned to fight the suit which it says has no merit.

Those members by whom the suit is filed includes two children under age 13, a professional photographer, a user of the original Facebook and a Los Angeles-based actress and model.

It is said by the suit that personal information that is posted by users on is being given by Facebook to third parties in violation of California’s online privacy laws. It also alleges members are not adequately warned by the company of its data harvesting and mining activities.

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