Facebook 3.0 For iPhone Submitted. Now Wait! Until it’s Available

Posted on 16 August 2009

Facebook has now submitted v. 3.0 of their iPhone application to Apple, Through Twitter it has been said by Joe Hewitt that he has just uploaded Facebook for iPhone 3.0 to the App Store for review.

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It has also been said by Hewitt that next week he will post screen shots and more details on Facebook for the iPhone app, and that he is looking forward to getting started on v. 3.1 the next day.

Since details first became available in July we have been tracking 3.0. A list of some of some improvements that are much needed  is on Facebook. And as a bonus, it has been said by Hewitt that he has decided to include video uploads to Facebook  from iPhone 3Gs phones as well.

So now this means that in just few days we’ll have access to the much-improved app which will be coming up with features such as a News Feed that is similar to the one on Facebook’s site, the ability to “like” items and a new customizable home screen. The most important thing is that it will also have video support for the iPhone 3GS, this is something which has been thrown-in by Hewitt at the last second, unexpectedly. And perhaps it is the best of all, and finally the app will have the ability to manage events.

It is anticipated that Apple will approve this app in short order. So soon we can access v. 3.0 on iphone. It is just that we have to wait a little bit for that moment.

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One Response to “Facebook 3.0 For iPhone Submitted. Now Wait! Until it’s Available”

  1. Abdul Haseeb says:

    that is good …i wonder if add ons will be also plugable to that version of firefox


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