8 Unique Gadgets Picked by Our Editors

Posted on 21 August 2009

We’ve already explored why foreign countries surpass the U.S. when it comes to high-tech cars, robots, gaming devices, and everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mobile phones, but there’s plenty more electronic wizardry that couldn’t possibly fit in the first list. The things you are not likely to find at any nearby mall, but you can always turn to the Internet and one of the several overseas sites that advertise foreign goods. If you really have a longing for any of these products and don’t have any problem with long-distance ordering, long-distance shipping, and potential warranty hassles. However, for the most part, it’s look but don’t touch.

Home Care Camera by Miharu

Small cameras that peek into tiny places are presently all the rage overseas, and Miharu’s dental-oriented device is one of the pack leaders. Although, it looks like a highly sophisticated toothbrush, the unit features a very small video camera and an LED light, through which you can video tape places that don’t normally see daylight – as the back of your mouth, the back of your refrigerator, or that little crack amidst the floorboards. Deliver the video to your big screen TV for maximum result.

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Omni-directional Rotary Razaq by Hitachi

Its curved esthetics will truely attract the style conscious, but the Rotary Razaq is known for performance, too. Having a 3500-RPM motor, omni-directional, washable blades, and a handle that manual razor junkies will love. Hitachi’s little shaving wonder may just be the ideal whisker remover.

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Latest and Trendy Watch Phones by LG and Samsung

Korea will pay the true homage to Dick Tracy this year as two of its exceptional electronics manufacturers duke it out for supremacy in the oh-so-pricey world of watch phones. Due to land in France any day now, the Samsung S9110 is said to be the skinniest watch phone released so far, featuring a 1.76-inch touch screen and such delicacies as Bluetooth, voice recognition, MP3 player capabilities, a speakerphone, and e-mail functionality. Sporting similar specs but a slightly thicker profile, and a higher MSRP, LG’s GD910 will also include 3G video call capabilities and 2GB of internal memory (versus just 40MB in the S9110) when it arrives in France at just about the same time.

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Portable and Functional Eneloop Solar Panel by Sanyo

Sanyo’s Eneloop rechargeable batteries have been the Holy Grail for true battery users for some time now, so it occurs as no astonish that one of the first seemingly reputable, fully functional portable solar panels is part and parcel of the Eneloop brand. Just recently available in Japan, the Eneloop Portable Solar Panel will charge gadgets such as MP3 players, handheld gaming devices, mobile phones, cameras, and even some laptops, and looks great doing it.

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Life without toothpaste – Soladey 3

The latest innovation of a toothpaste-free toothbrush that’s already convinced millions – yes! Millions of Japanese to take the initiative, the Soladey 3 is an oral cleansing tool with a very unique ionic twist. Unlike traditional toothbrushes, the tool is provided with a solar panel that absorbs light and purportedly sends electrons through a titanium oxide semiconductor to make plaque unstable and easily removable. Word on the street is that the Soladey concept works! Can millions of Japanese tooth-brushers be wrong? Imagine a life without toothpaste – can you?

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Home Planetarium by Sega Homestar Pro 2nd Edition

Think of getting a way-cool planetarium experience in the comfort of your own living room. Its possible now with Sega’s Homestar Pro Planetarium. The system – essentially a spiffy spherical projector provided with a variety of night sky “discs” – sets up easily and apparently fills any room with more stars than you can shake a constellation at. Though Sega says the unit is a great introduction to astronomy, we doubt if there could there be a more relaxing, calming sleep aid.

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I-O Data SEG Clip

This SEG Clip is a USB stick and antenna that plugs into a PC and receives over-the-air television programming (through Japan’s free-to-air mobile TV service, dubbed 1Seg). That may not be specifically remarkable, but the fact that users can then download a TV Player App and wirelessly watch whatever they’ve recorded on their iPod or iPhone is! You’d never need, or even be able to use one of these gadgets here in the States, but when in Japan…

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Japanese Toilets

Yes, we fully understand this is a consumer tech site. However, no discussion of cool overseas devices would seem complete without a mention of the venerable toilet. The sad truth remains that we’re so far behind (excuse the pun) in the toilet business that we might never be able to catch up. In Japan, you can rest your derriere upon a seat that warms and massages you. You can turf the toilet paper and instead cleanse thyself with warm water. You can even crank the MP3 tunes with your detachable remote, and you can stay assure easy knowing that you’re perched in a germ-resistant environment. You can even purify the air afterward. The fact that such luxuries cannot be seen easily here in North America is nothing short of an abomination, and we offer up this pic of a little Japanese girl staring in amazement at her automatic toilet seat as proof.

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