3D Technology Has Come Of Age In UK

Posted on 23 August 2009

British Movie Makers are moving to muscle in on their US counterparts as ‘Avatar’, James Cameron’s new sci-fi motion picture, started up new competition


Specialist British film makers are planning to use the hype created by Avatar, James Cameron’s widely popular epic 3-D science-fiction motion picture that went very successful. The picture reportedly cost £180m. It will open up more doors of innovation and creations for an elite group of 3D specialist British companies.


Avatar is also going to join few movies that have earned more than $1bn at the box office. Tantalizing trailers of the picture this weekend whetted the appetites of many competing Hollywood studios that are now struggling to take some share of growing 3-D market.


Avatar was filmed with new camera system innovated by Cameron. Cameron is renowned Canadian director known for its mega projects of Terminator, Aliens and Titanic.


Several British players that have been creating new 3-D technologies for many past years are poised to capitalize on the response to this new movie. Axis is also one of them that are filming a promotional 3-D video for the US TV drama 24. Axis also recently filmed the world’s first live 3-D sporting event broadcasting at the Calcutta Cup rugby union match, which England played versus Scotland in 2008. The company is expected to film a full-length horror movie in 2010 also.


Paul Carter is a head camera man at Axis. He says, “There is now money in the system and we will see things move forward on the back of Avatar. Once the public gets a real look at the film it will take off”.


“The UK’s 3D industry is still very much in its infancy but is growing up rapidly. The Americans, as always in film, are leading, but they see us getting involved in what they are doing:


Avatar is being released in the UK by the end of this year. The movie is coming 115 years after the 3D film making was started by the British film pioneer William Friese-Greene. In 1953, the ceremony of crowning of Queen was also filmed in 3D. Channel 4 will show this footage for the first time in its week-long series of programs about 3-D.


Digital 3D cinema screens in UK will increase ten times than they are today, as said by UK Film Council.


Street Dance will be the UK’s first movie to be pictured in 3-D. It will feature the break-dancing Britain’s Got Talent winner George Sampson.


Dennis Laws (manager at London’s Imax cinema) says, “The reaction to the footage of Avatar that we have shown has blown people away. It is a huge leap forward.”

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