Wi-Fi While You Fly with US Airways

Posted on 23 July 2009

With the passage of time, every dream is turning into the reality in the field of Information Technology. Here again one of the most outstanding achievement is made by the US Airways with the help of Aircell by launching very first time Wi-Fi hotspot for the passenger who are flying with US Airways. US Airways has announced that this Gogo in-flight internet service will be soon available in its 50 A321 airbus. alaska-air-wifi-inflight-20090227-600

US Airways has also intention to let their consumer know whether the proposed flight has Wi-Fi options while making booking online. Although passenger might fear for another extra charges for using this facility. US Airways has planned to start this service in early 2010. So get ready and put your laptop in your packing.

You can use Gogo Inflight internet facility and can have full internet access including instant Messaging, Web browsing, VPN and email access. So its now very easy to make use of your flying time by using Gogo Inflight internet.

About Gogo

Gogo is the brand name that is powered by Aircell. It will turns a commercial aircraft into Wi-Fi hotspot for having full internet access. So those who have such devices that have Wi-Fi enability like smartphones, PDAs, laptops, netbooks can use internet facility on the go. You can have more information by clicking www.goginflight.com

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