Top 20 BlackBerry Applications

Posted on 26 July 2009

RIM after a long waiting time finally released its app marketplace. And we have scoured the store to show you the greatest ones.

As many knows BlackBerry App World, Research in Motion’s new mobile app store, already includes 500+ programs. All of which can be added to your handset thru a dandy portal that sets up perfectly on your BlackBerry’s home screen. As it is just been around for a couple of days, the store Is not complete yet. A few users have wavered at first-week bugs like its sluggish functioning, and the requirement for a PayPal account, and some other things.

However, there is lot of time to iron out the particulars. For now, it is simple to browse, purchase, and set up apps and that’s all which really counts, right? We have brought together the finest applications presently available in the store including few of our favorite ones that we think make it there shortly. If you are searching apps that can save—or kill— your time, you are adhered to get just the thing. The greatest thing is: Most of them are absolutely free.

Apps to keep you in Touch and well Informed

Facebook (Free)

Facebook for BlackBerry is not much good for each other-it is actually the same app it was when it was brought out almost a year ago. As a result, it does not manage comments, hidden feed details, or any type of advanced Facebook changes on your desktop. However, the native mobile app still stands as the quickest way to see your friends’ status updates, convey messages, and upload picture easily from your BlackBerry.


MySpace (Free)

You may see Facebook winning the buzz race nowadays, but MySpace is still attracting well more than 50 million loyal visitors every month. It is same to the Facebook app; you can send messages, update mood and status, see and send bulletins, and put up photographs. Moreover, it is also quicker and more comfortable to navigate than the site’s WAP page.


Viigo (Free)

Do you want an on-the-go RSS reader with you? Viigo helps managing dozens of feeds, arranging them into different groups and categories and providing ultra-fast navigation throughout the way. Basically, it presents a fast accession to breaking news, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, sports scores, weather conditions, and all about everything else you need to know. Everything is provided within the same beautifully designed and customizable interface.


AOL Instant Messenger (Free)

You can use AIM’s BlackBerry app to send and receive messages from all of your desktop buddies besides only from your Mobile list. It will also help to keep track of different conversations going on simultaneously. Not an AIM fan, or have other buddies on some other service? You are lucky to get the free Google Talk, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger clients also. All are freely available at store.


News, Events, & Travel Applications

Bloomberg (Free)

This may look like your garden-variety Web shortcut, but it is not so. Bloomberg presents a condensed edition of the classical blackened Bloomberg terminal screen which includes detailed indices, graphical presentations, charts, and running currency information, as well as the latest index of top global financial news and breaking stories. As important as it is, you may prefer to limit your exposure given the dismaying condition of economy nowadays.


Ticketmaster (Free)

Out with the guys having programs to get the new incoming Yankees home game? There are many mobile sites which allow users to find concert and sports event details easily, but only some of them make it as comfortable to purchase tickets on-site as Ticketmaster for BlackBerry. In couple of minutes, I was able to bring up dozens of events and check which also gave access to different ticket configurations-that is, sometime I go through pages and pages of legalese. It is a true buzzkill!)


Trapster (Free)

Outwit the cop with your BlackBerry. Connect this app with your handset’s GPS radio or simply get in locations through manual operation. Trapster will get you in on all the near speed traps, as well as police with live radar guns, famous positions to hide, and red light cameras. You will also be able to rate traps to help other users know if they are right, or tell new traps directly from your phone. The user interface is not well designed, but who gives care if it relieves you from spitting up for a costly ticket?

WorldMate Live (Free)

Seasoned travellers always require instant, valuable information on the go, and WorldMate Live presents it all for them. The app allows you go over flight status, book hotels, join friends, and exchange the itineraries directly from your phone. In addition, there is also a currency converter, a time zone calculator, and BlackBerry Maps integration included in this release.


MP3 & Radio Applications

FlipSide ($9.99)

Today’s BlackBerrys includes a good inbuilt media player which makes a third-party solution seemingly of no useful purpose. But FlipSide serves a lot, featuring displaying large album art, providing more info about artists and albums, and allowing you produce playlists on the fly. This full-featured music player app was available at 19.95-USD, but now you can get it at half price.


Pandora (Free)

Move with the Music Genome Project with you: same like Slacker, Pandora Radio also allows users to make custom radio stations on the fly based around any of your favorite single artist. Pandora also shows album art. It also allows you rate or skip over tracks right from your handset, BlackBerry. The algorithms are so fine that I am feeling sad to skip to check the next app.


Shazam (Free)

If you still stands corporate-controlled radio-or simply want to know the title of the song playing in the coffee shop-Shazam can tag and name song track just by hearing to them via your handset’s microphone. Once you get to know what you are listening, you will be able to check album art as well as purchase the track from Amazon. Moreover, after the trial period runs out, the application is still free to use, but you can not enjoy its some important features (like e-mailing info to friends), and you will also be limited to 5 tags each month.


Slacker Radio for BlackBerry (Free)

To enjoy to music on the go, you’ve two choices. First, you can organize playlists, get music files thru memory cards, get bored and perform the whole thing once again next week. Second, you can go with Slacker, which gets connected into your desktop Web account and delivers you an unlimited cater of fresh tunes. Enjoy all the storming feel of a veteran DJ’s selections with just few of the commercials. And the best part; you will be able to save up channels for future to play later when you do not receive a signal.



Civilization IV: War of Two Cities ($9.99)

At first sight, I was disappointed to see that this game is not a true replicate of the PC edition; rather, it is focused just to city-on-city combat in lieu of map-based development. Still, it delivers specific strategic gaming, with the power to select from 4 different civilizations. There is also a rich, grand feature list that lets on itself as each game advances.


Guitar Hero World Tour ($11.99)

There is not much stuff to be told about Guitar Hero that you didn’t already know about except this fresh news that you are now able to rock out with your favorite handset – BlackBerry. The game includes 15 tracks which are controllable through multiple columns of keys on your BlackBerry. It is a sort of a thumb-twister, but in many ways it is just as much amusement as, um, playing a “real” fake guitar.


New York Times Crosswords ($4.99)

Test your skills at 30 different classic puzzle games designed by Will Shortz, the well known New York Times editor. The game includes featured puzzles divided in order of difficulty by weekday. Games in Monday are the simplest ones which increase in difficulty by each day. They get progressively more puzzling. You will also find a comprehensive tutorial. Moreover, you will be able to save games in progress.


Vegas Pool Sharks Lite (Free)

Most BlackBerry models are not so great at playing 3-D games because these models lack the typical video hardware and requirement. But a new slower-paced title such as Vegas Pool Sharks Lite—which delivers the user custom views of the table, in addition to close up looks while making difficult shots—fits your normal Curve or Pearl so good.


Apps We Like But not Available Yet

Google Maps Mobile (Free)

Many modern BlackBerry handsets include inbuilt GPS. Even control freak Verizon Wireless company is planning to lift up its restrictions on which app can make use of it. For mobile Google Maps is best among all, which presents almost all what you want about the desktop edition; this includes satellite views, turn-by-turn instructions, and local business searching. Moreover, it also now includes a GPS-enabled, location-based search component to work on your BlackBerry. Visit:

Opera Mini 4.2 (Free)

RIM wads a halfway-nice Web browser with its new handsets. But to get good speed and desktop page rendering power you need to have Opera Mini 4.2. It is offering RSS feed support, a simple-to-use zoom box, a switch able mobile view, and friendly bookmark management. Opera Mini doesn’t greatly have comprehensive Adobe Flash support, but this is with every other phone browser. To get it, go to on your mobile browser.

Everybody who is already having a Slingbox and a cable box or DVR, along with a compatible handset, must try SlingPlayer Mobile for his handset. You can watch live cable television as well as enjoy recorded and TiVoed programs on the go. All the service is available for the cost of 2 months of mobile TV service from the popular mobile phone carriers. Get it at

All Twitter fans know that the main purpose of this service is to keep people in communication with their friends & colleagues on the go. As you can perform that with SMS messages or Twitter’s WAP page, but this new TwitterBerry is a much better way. This application aggregates status updates and presents easy, one-click method to deliver your all-important 140-char message—great for that inspired existential insight that strikes into your mind when you are standing in line at the bank. Want to get it? Direct your BlackBerry’s browser to,.


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  1. damacon says:

    Come on, man! Opera Mini 4.2 is available for blackberry long time ago – just go to and get it! Maybe you are talking about Opera Mobile?

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    It’s a nice list
    is twitterberry available now?

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    Great list you’ve provided here, good to see Blackberry are still coming out with intelligent apps.


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