Now with Just one Text Message Hackers can take over your iPhone

Posted on 30 July 2009

It has been figured out by security researchers that how to disable or take over the iPhone and other smart phones by just using simple text messages.

Charlie Miller has made his name as hacking cool stuff like the first Apple iPhone, T-Mobile HTC G1 phone with Google Android software, Second Life, and the Mac operating system. All these things have been done by him not for a criminal purpose, but for the sake of improving security. But he has always been a thorn in the side of big companies.

He has done it again, he has figured out how to take over your iPhone by using this new trick. He and partner Collin Mulliner, who is a German security researcher getting his doctorate at the Technical University in Berlin, have done this by constructing the message with such type of data and programming that causes your iPhone to crash. Then they can take it over and are then able to run any code they want on it.

If they are willing to do so, they could spread the message by sending it to friends in your address book.

The researchers have demonstrated a live attack on a demo iPhone. This trick can be used by them to instigate a “denial of service” attack, where after every 10 seconds they send the crash messages and doing this they essentially keep the targeted phone off the network.

For instance, They could command the phone to deliver all of its data to a third-party location and then continue to repeat the same thing with each new message or email that arrives. it has been said by the hackers that this method can be used by them to take over most smart phones. They have also shown that how they also used the same great trick to take over a Google Android phone as well as a Windows Mobile Phone.

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