Microsoft Launched Silverlight 3: Download Now

Posted on 10 July 2009

Microsoft has just made silverlight version 3 available for download. Microsoft hopes to take Adobe’s flash player heads on with this new release. Silverlight 3 is available for free download from official silverlight website. This software works for both Mac OS X and Windows. Although this version is designed for Intel-Only CPUs but there are other silverlight version available for older PowerPC based Macs.

Silverlight is basically a web application framework that works with your browser. it enables developers to show/draw and embed photos, vectors, graphics, sounds , animations and videos within HTML pages.

Main competition for silverlight 3 is Adobe’s AIR framework and Flex. Adobe  AIR gained and edge over silverlight 3 as there are many popular twitter applications like tweetdeck distributed via Adobe AIR. Both frameworks let the end users work on desktop, without launching the browser.

Silverlight 3 was released late but it has far better support for high quality sound and video. the new 3D graphic rendering and pixel shading gives it an edge over any other rival framework. With improved tet renders, fonts support and animation effects, Microsoft Silverlight 3 has set the bar quite high.

Over 55 new and improved controls have been added for developers to work with. All of these new controls are customizable. All new layout containers, deep linking, page bookmarking, Search engine optimization and enhanced data support will take Rich Internet Applications to new heights.

To conclude, I must say that by making Silverlight 3 available for free download, Microsoft has changed the web 2.0 landscape forever. Let’s Download Silverlight 3 now

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