Manage Gmail With Firefox Add-ons Part-1

Posted on 05 July 2009

Gmail is certainly the best web application ever introduced, it is really hot (more than 100 million users), benefits from a big 2GB of free storage (a little percentage of users will go to use more space), and really, really user friendly also. It’s surely powerful, but is it powerful enough? By adding Firefox Add-ons you will be able to take your inbox even more…

GTDInbox Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download GTDInbox
Description: GTDInbox is a powerful add on. With this add on your Gmail inbox will turn into an all in one manager that can contend with Outlook. You will be able to perform your usual operations with couple of intuitive clicks through a pop-up command box that enables to preview, archive, delete or modify the labels of e-mails. Its prominent feature is that you can check emails as actions to be done and given priority. Treat your mails by project, context or person.
Moreover, it allows you to categorize your actions, communication and resources. So, its features are looking great; marvelous tool.

Better Gmail 2 Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download Better Gmail 2

Description: It makes easier to add great extra features to your Gmail, which includes hierarchical labels, macros, file attachment icons, and many, many more. Better Gmail 2 will also compile the best Greasemonkey user scripts for your Gmail into one package.

Gmail Manager Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download Gmail Manager

Description: With this add-on you can work with your multiple Gmail accounts as well as receive new mail notifications. You have an access over all of your account details like unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space consumed, and new mail snippets.

Gmail Skins Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download Gmail Firefox Skins
Description: This cool Firefox extension allows you to select the appearance of your Gmail inbox. Gmailskins will add the following features:
• Change the color or skin of Gmail inbox
• Incorporate the Google homepage alongside your inbox (by doing this you can view weather reports, rss feeds, news headlines, flickr newly included, Google calendar module and many more right from your inbox)
• Add pictures from your Picasa web album right in to your emails,
• Add smileys and emoticons,
• Add HTML tables & complex HTML in to your e-mails,
• change the navigation (Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, etc) in horizontal direction,
• Make the navigation fixed in place. Now, you do not need to scroll to the top of the page to see it,
• change the attachment sign (paperclip on inbox) with an icon matching the kind of attachment,
• Hide different page sections like invite panel, page footer, e-mail address from the top right location of your inbox.

It is really an indispensable extension.

Gspace Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download Gspace Firefox
Description: Add Gspace if you want to turn 2-GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. Gspace allows you to manage unlimited Gmail accounts to keep files of all formats within its uncomplicated, user friendly interface. Just download Gspace & transfer data between your system and Gspace, it’s that much easy.

GCalQuickTab Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download GCalQuickTab
Description : If Gmail and Google Calendar both are in your use, GCalQuickTab can make it simple to work between these two web applications by overriding the instinct behavior of the new Gmail/Google Calendar links appearing in the upper-left-side corner of those sites. If it finds the linked webapp already opened there, then it directs towards that tab rather than opening the webapp in another window. You can also switch between the two applications through keyboard shortcuts: “g” for Gmail & “l” for Calendar.

GPhotospace Firefox Add-on for Gmail

Download GPhotospace
Description: This is a really useful extension. It makes use of Gmail storage space and utilizes it as online photo storage space. It is quick and easy. Any user can store his photos online for free. And best of all a man with a little technical knowledge can also use it.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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