How to Assemble the Ultimate Tech Toolkit

Posted on 24 July 2009

It’s always a bad feeling when you turn up to work on a computer and you do not have the proper tools. This also has happened to me many times. With the time and experience I’ve learned much and I want to tell you what you require to set up a complete tech toolkit so that you’re always ready to work on a computer.

While assembling your tech toolkit, you do not require assembling exactly the same items that I am showing below.
There are other same tools by other companies that are different in their quality and price. Anyhow, these are the tools that I prefer and advise you to use while assembling your completely new tech toolkit right from the scratch.

Rosewill 45-Piece Premium Computer Tool Kit :


This kit has a variety of the most basic tools you’ll require to fix a computer. There is a Reversible Ratchet Driver with 20 different sized bits, 6-inch Phillips Screwdriver, Reversible 1/ 8-inch Mini Screwdriver, 9 Hex Key Set and 5-inch Long Nose Pliers. Moreover this set also has 5-inch Wire-Cutter/Stripper, I.C. Insertion-Extraction Clipper, Three Prongs Holder, Tweezers, Spare Parts Box with parts, Anti-Static Wrist Strap, and a Black Zipper Case. The tools are demagnetized; so your system and magnetic media is safe from any damage.
Purchase at:

Rosewill Network Tool Kit :


The kit is having all the instruments you may require during making and testing of network cables. The kit available in the market includes a Cable Stripper, Crimper, Punch Down Tool, RJ11/RJ45 Cable Tester, Modular Plugs, Plug Boots, and Screwdriver with Bits. You can get it at

Vantec SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter :


Use this adapter you can connect any SATA or IDE hard drive with its USB attachment. No case requirement is there so you can connect the drives and transfer your data in really short time. It is very useful especially when you are in a need of upgrading or transferring files from any old hard drive to a new one. You can get it from

Nspire Power Supply Doctor :


This tool is designed to test power supplies to check if they are connected and functioning properly. It can be used for testing 20/Pin or 24/Pin Power Supply Connectors, P4 Power Connectors, Molex Connectors, Floppy Power Connectors, and S-ATA Power Connectors.

BYTECC USB to PS2 Adapter :


As majority of manufacturers are shifting towards making USB connections for keyboards and mice; it is fine to offer a way to link up PS/2 devices with modern PCs. This adapter exactly does that the same. For sale at

LED Magnetized Telescopic Rescue Stick :


Now easily find dropped screws by using this telescopic rescue stick. Moreover its best thing is that it has an inbuilt LED light, which automatically turns on when the stick is drew out. Available for sale at

ColdHeat Pro Soldering Iron :

cold-heat-10 It’s real that American technicians don’t get to solder so much as we normally used to do. But whenever we do, we should have the right equipment in our hands. The ColdHeat Pro Soldering Iron is a cordless soldering iron. It heats up or cools down instantly. It is available with a polycarbonate carrying case, work space light, and activation light. 5 AA batteries are used to power it up. Get it at

Victorinox SwissMemory :

swissbit-victorinox-swiss-memory-usb-victorinox What is a Swiss Army Knife if not having a USB flash drive is the thing which I always use to say. On buying it, not simply you get a blade, nailfile with screwdriver, scissors, ballpoint pen, and LED flashlight, but you also receive one of the three offered choices of a 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB USB flash drive. As you get a flash drive, you could also connect it with 35 Portable Applications That Every Tech Needs. Purchase it at

Roll-Up Keyboard :

roll-up-keyboard Since you ne’er know when you’re going to require a keyboard therefore you should be geared up every time. This new roll-up keyboard is ideal for adjusting into tight places as in your tool bag. It has a QWERTY layout along with 104 keys. You can purchase it at

BELKIN 7-in-1 Retractable Cable Travel Pack :

10859379 Do you not hate taking everywhere all of those cables. With this 7-in-1 Retractable Cable Travel Pack, you will be able to well manage all of your cables in single kit. It has USB cables and adapters for A Male, A Female, B Male, 4-Pin Mini-B Male, 5-Pin Mini-B Male. Moreover it also has RJ11 & RJ45 cables plus a RJ45 crossover cable adapter. is selling it.

Western Digital Passport :

western-digital-passport You require a place to keep all of your technical tools. And you also require a method to transfer large files. This Passport is ideal for this task. It has been totally powered by the USB 2.0 interface. This means no external power source is needed. And the most important thing is that it fits in the palm of your hand. You’ve the options of a 60GB, 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB or 320GB. Purchase it at

Proporta Gadget Bag :


With all of these tools you’ll require a bag with big storage capacity to take them in. The Gadget Bag comprises of 4 compartments. These can be separated into 4 smaller bags or can be connected together to make one big traveling bag. This gets into real handy when you just require certain tools and do not require tugging the other with you. There is also one model with an inbuilt USB Mobile Device Charger. Buy thru

Is there any tool left you would like to add in your toolkit?

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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