Google Voice as an iPhone application: Rejected by Apple

Posted on 28 July 2009

It has been said by the Techcrunch blog that Apple will not let Google offer its Internet phone service through the iPhone App Store.

Other bloggers are pointing towards the exclusive iPhone carrier of Apple in the U.S., AT&T Inc. are acting as the party that is responsible for the rejection.

It is due to the reason because Google Voice is offering for free some features that compete with those services for which AT&T take charges.

One number is offered by Google Voice for all of a user’s phones, voice-activated features and free U.S. long distance. This is available by invitation only at this time.

It has been reported by the Techcrunch that a comment has been offered by a Google spokesperson that they work hard to bring Google applications to a number of mobile platforms that also includes the iPhone. The Google Voice application that has been submitted by us six weeks ago to the Apple App Store had not been approved by Apple. We will still continue to work to bring our services to iPhone users for instance, by taking the advantage of advances in mobile browsers.

Previously Google Latitude has been rejected by Apple, which is the location-based tool by which the users are able to see where their friends are, from the iPhone store.

But as it has happened in that situation, we can expect that iPhone owners will be able to download Google Voice from the Web. However, in this case it won’t work as seamlessly and possibly it might not be able to use all of the features.

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