4 Free Proxy Tools To Block Unwanted Ads

Posted on 30 July 2009

So now you have tested Google Chrome and now you have made decision that you like it. If you say that you would switch, then I must tell you that there’s no adblocker? But luckily for you, several free, tiny filtering proxy applications are available that can get this job done.

The best part of this thing is that, they’ll help you to block ads in any browser that also includes Chrome.

Before that I get into a list, the thing that you must know is that several of these apps haven’t been updated in ages. Despite of all the facts, content filtering is a pretty straightforward operation, so even the old ones work well and you can always change the blocking rules yourself as you wish.

CyberGuard WebWasher Classic

This is one of the great options available. It is small, fast, and really very customizable. It features additional capabilities to block popups, scripts, referrers, cookies, and prefixes. It is incredibly easy to set up New filters, and there’s no noticeable lag in load times. Among all the apps that have been tested by me, WebWasher has been my favorite.


It has a god awful GUI, but it works well enough that its appearance can be overlooked and if you really hate it then can create your own bitmaps. It offers extremely flexible blocking rules, and the default set that it has is extremely effective. The adds that are blocked are replaced with red text in brackets, and the load times of pages were not adversely affected.


iReject Trash is just a tiny download (200k) and it works extremely well. By its log view you can also have an interesting insight into the pages that you’re currently visiting.For instance, CNET.com had 33 items blocked. The blocking was very good, out-of-the-box , and all the rules are fully customizable. With it you can block by host, pattern, or image dimensions. On certain sites, page load times were a bit slower.


If you consider this as an option (via GeekZone NZ) then I must tell you that Privoxy is more low-fi, all your configuration changes are done by editing text files. On processor usage it is however very easy and with no changes also it does a very good job. Working with Privoxy I didn’t notice any difference in page load times.

For blocking ads there are tons of other options for that you can just check the Google Directory, so now there is no need to give up Chrome just because there’s no AdBlock. You can grab one of these apps, and try it once again and then tell us how it works!

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