The Difference Between Low Price and High Price Speakers

Posted on 09 June 2009

Almost every one is having speakers in their homes. A speaker system’s lowest price can be $35 and there are expensive ones also which cost around $350,000. By looking that big difference one can have in mind why there is so big difference in speaker’s prices. So lets see what is that which made so big difference in speaker prices, that what $35 speaker have and what $350,000 have?

How Speakers Work?

The mechanism of a speaker is quite simple; speakers are air pistons move back on negative cycle of the signal and forth on the positive cycle creating different degrees of air pressure at different frequencies. Technically what happens in a speaker or loudspeaker is that alternate current from an amplifier runs to the speaker and through the voice coil and voice coil turns it into electromagnet. That makes a cycle and makes a magnetic field between it and permanent magnet in the driver. As the current alternates between positive and negative the magnets are attracted and repulsed which makes the cone to move back and forth and emits the soothing sound of Bach or Korn.

Its not like that when you hear the word “speaker” that it will be a box having circles in it and hole also. Its different from that actually is a loudspeaker system and having more than one kind speakers in it, those are called its drivers.

The drivers are tuned to deliver high frequencies, but these drivers are not so good to deliver the bass sound that’s why for that woofers or subwoofers are needed. Generally two or more drivers are stuffed in the enclosure. But still that wont explain what is the real difference between a 10$ and $100,000 speakers. Most probably it can be the sound quality, which differentiate that.

The Goal of a Loudspeaker

The speaker’s real function is to deliver the real sound, so how much real sound it plays is the basic difference between good and bad or expensive and cheap speakers. In technical way the more a speaker will generate a sound close to original one that will make it a better speaker.

There are different numbers written on side of the speaker box that’s totally meaningless specially the description of watts on speakers because they cant define the efficiency of the speaker, if one consider those figures written on speaker box important then while buying a speaker only look at 90db @ 1 watt , which means how the speaker will play at given power level.

Characteristics of A Good Speaker

The technical persons defines that a good speaker has three characteristics mostly:

  • A good speaker is active and energetic and while playing on loud volume it wont scramble the sound.
  • Bass of a good speaker is better and it sounds melodious and not emits a muddy sound and you can hear each single note.
  • A good speaker is having an excellent timbre. Timbre defines how much natural the sound is, for example if you play the voice anyone whom you know, you can easily recognize that voice on high timbre because excellent timbre sounds exactly the same voice.

While designing of the speakers most the technicians have to face the solid rules of physics, which can’t be changed so every speaker is built around a set of compromises.


The size also matters for price of a speaker. For instance you buy $300 speaker made by a good company you will get 5 ¼-inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter and when you will buy a $3000 pair of speakers that might be having two 5 ¼- mid range drivers and a 10-inch woofer.

Built in Quality

You can’t get sound from your speakers by just putting them in front of you on table. The sound that you get from them you will have to transmit it to quality woofers and tweeters and then quality woofers and tweeters starts playing a good sound.

A build quality matters a lot to make difference in speaker’s low and high prices. Because low price speakers are having copper wire inside which cant handle much power and heats up early and melts in box, while in pricey speakers its not like that. The high price speakers are having quality material built in like ribbon tweeters and aluminum foil that’s suspended between magnets which vibrates back and forth” that makes a clear sound. Better speakers are having complicated detailed dividing network which makes sure that the right signal is going to right place. And that complication gets more, as the price gets higher.

How to get a better speaker?

To have a good speaker it depends on your pocket that how much you can spend ? Best you can utilize your money for buying speaker is that buy such speaker which wont make trash in your ears. In my recommendation $1000 price speaker can be best one for your home theater component setup. You can also buy $300 speakers also those are not bad too, they wont be great but will be good.

In view of some people heavier speakers makes good sound but that’s not for sure.

But that’s for sure the more speaker’s price will be high the more its sound will be great and it will be durable also because in speaker’s quality MONEY really matters.

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