Did Bing Surpass yahoo Search?

Posted on 05 June 2009

Bing, Microsoft’s new search decision engine has overtaken the Yahoo search as being number two search service in the U.S. and worldwide Stat Counter stated that. It is now sharing market share from Google.

As its shown from company’s analysis for Thursday, it was found out that in the U.S Bing had overtaken the Yahoo to take second place on 16.28%, while Yahoo search currently is at 10.22%. In shares comparison Google’s U.S. market share is pegged at 71.47% and worldwide share at intensifier 87.62% VS 5.62 % for Bing and 5.13% for Yahoo worldwide.

Now the question is that is Bing was advertised so well that it clinched up quickly, or people are only just test driving it, or its only forced upon IE6 users whatever that’s significant that only after couple of days of its launching it climbed up high in market which will possibly cause drop in Google’s share more.

It can be the birth of the true Google challenger, or it can be only launch momentum which latterly will fade away. Now it depends on up coming time that what it will show about Bing will it carry through in same way significantly?

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