33% of Dell netbooks runs Ubuntu Linux

Posted on 15 June 2009

There was a lot of talk about that how Windows are taking over Linux on netbooks. But when in 2007 Asus launched the Eee PC 701 supported by Xandros Linux that made false all 1st talks about down going of Linux by Windows, now its being proclaimed by open source enthusiasts that finally netbooks will help Linux to make it a mainstream consumer oriented operating system. Computer making companies gets so less cost on making these and for consumers it’s having almost same functionality as they gets from Windows or OS X.

Microsoft Offered Low rate Netbooks

That’s why Microsoft offered netbook makers the ability to license Windows XP on less rates than its normal price because of that now many of mini-laptop running Windows XP for just a few bucks more than Linux model. It was major step taken by Microsoft in market and in result now almost 80% are running Windows XP.

Linux Still Holds good reputation In Market

But Linux is still having place in netbook market as Dell officials told that about 33% of the Inspiron Mini 9 computers which company sells run Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows XP. Though 33% is not a big figure but that’s a big achievement for Linux, which had a huge market share when it comes to servers. While on desktop and laptop computers it’s not much popular.

The Reason Behind The Popularity of Linux Inspiron Mini 9 Netbooks

In my opinion there are two reasons for the popularity of Linux Inspiron Mini 9 netbooks. One is off course is that they are so cheap in prices, second is that Dell company had done a great job to make sure Ubuntu worked properly with the hardware before shipping the computers. It has been reported by MSI that the return rates for Linux versions of its Wind netbooks are much higher as compared to the return rates of those netbooks that are powered by Windows. But a a shipment containing the Wind U90 with a version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop has also been shipped by MSI but that didn’t seem to work very well.

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