20+ Video Tutorials for Open Source Applications

Posted on 11 June 2009

There is huge number of open source applications out there; these are for operating systems, word processors, graphics programs and a lot more. But it is a difficult task to find manuals or other documentation beyond what the developers have written. Here we have given more than 20 video tutorials to get you some help for the four of the most popular open source programs out there: Gimp, Linux, Open Office, and Nvu.

Which tutorials are most helpful for you? Here is the answer to your question.

Gimp Video Tutorials

Gimp Tutorial: Pop Art – This tutorial shows how to take a regular photograph and turn it into a graphic piece of pop art.

The User Interface – This tutorial will give you a basic overview of Gimp’s user interface.

How to Change Hair Color – Ever wanted to try out a new hair color without actually dying your hair? Well what you have to do is to take help with this Gimp tutorial and change your hair color in a photo.

Creating a Sketch Effect Using the Gimp – This tutorial explains you the basics of making a photo look like a hand-drawn sketch.

Transparent Glass Lettering – It must be happy knowing that this tutorial teaches you how to create transparent glass letters for website headers and banners in order to give your creations a more web 2.0 look.

Creating a Graduated Neutral Density Filter – One of the great tools for photography is Neutral density filters, and this tutorial will explain you the method of creating the same Neutral density filter effect in Gimp after that you have taken the photo.

Full Flare Control with The Gimp – It happens frequently that flares can often be annoying in a photo, but sometimes they add that little extra something. This tutorial explains you how to take full control of flare creation.

Creating Water Drops – To add water droplets to a leaf or a flower can create a cool effect in a photo, but it involves some tricks too. This tutorial teaches you such tricks to create realistic water droplets.

How to Create a Web 2.0 Logo Using the Gimp – It is the will of ever other person to have a good web 2.0 logo, and this video will show you how to create web 2.0 logo.

Preparing an Image for the Web – This tutorial is the first tutorial in a series of these tutorials, and it covers rotating, cropping, downscaling, pushing the colors, and sharpening an image.

Linux Video Tutorials

Using Multiple Workspaces in Puppy Linux – This tutorial shows will guide you to configure Puppy Linux to have multiple workspaces.

Run Linux Under Windows – This tutorial explains you that how you can run Linux or another operating system as a virtual system under your Windows operating system.

Install Ubuntu Linux 7.10 – This tutorial tells you all the steps which helps you to install Ubuntu Linux on your PC.

Backup Linux Mandriva 2008 – With this video tutorial you can learn how to back up your users and system configuration.

(Very) Basic CD Burning Linux Mint Tutorial – This is a very basic tutorial that explain you the procedure of burning CDs using Linux Mint.

Open Office Video Tutorials

OpenOffice Tutorial – This tutorial comes with a complete package and covers all the procedures of installing, configuring and using OpenOffice.

Hidden Star Wars Game – From this tutorial you can learn how to access the hidden Star Wars game in OpenOffice.

How to Create a PDF with Open Office – This video teaches the creation of a PDF file from an OpenOffice file.

Open Office on Ubuntu Linux – This tutorial explains the method of using Open Office on the platform of Ubuntu Linux.

Nvu Video Tutorials

How to Modify a Website Template Using Nvu  – From this video tutorial you can learn how to customize a website template according to your needs.

Installing Free Editor Nvu – This tutorial explains you the procedure of getting Nvu up and running on your computer.

Getting Started with Nvu – The basics of using Nvu for designing web pages is covered in this video tutorial.

Using Tables in Nvu – This tutorial teaches you to create tables using Nvu.

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