TOP 10 iTunes Add-Ons You Should Download

Posted on 13 May 2009

We selected very best top 10 best iTunes add-ons especially for Mac and PC users. There is a list of programs which users must like and get benefits.

For Mac Users:


For the past few years Synergy is the best way to control iTunes without actually switching to iTunes. It gives you customizable, system-wide hotkeys for many playback functions; a great informational display that pops up each times the track changes. Synergy will grab album art from the Internet if it’s not already in your iTunes Library, and you can even have Synergy run AppleScripts on track changes.

Sure, there are many, many similar utilities out there and I’ve tried most of them but Synergy has the best combination of features, interface, and ease of us.

Click here to download Synergy

Fetch Art for iTunes:

This is a great program for i-Tunes lovers. This handy utility integrates transparently with i-Tunes and automatically retrieves album art from Amazon among many other things.

Click here to download Fetch Art for Itunes

iTunes Monitor:

iTunes Monitor displays information (hostname and status) for computers connecting to your shared iTunes 4 Music library.

It also lists open music files.

Click here to download iTunes Monitor


iPodRip allows you to copy & transfer your songs and play lists to your computer easily and quickly. Millions of people have trusted iPodRip to transfer their music.

If you you want to transfer your music to a new Mac or let your colleague sample your music tastes, iPodRip sets your iPod free.

Click here to download iPodRip


Now it has become very easy for music fans to easily record Internet radio and listen to recordings and songs on their iPod or MP3 compatible device.

You can let RadioLover time-shift your favorite shows so you can listen to them at your convenience.

Click here to download RadioLover

For PC Users:

Volume Logic:

Volume Logic makes all your tunes sound louder and punchier while bringing out subtleties you never knew existed.

The Volume Logic Effect makes your play list sound like the work of a hip DJ or hot radio station using high end broadcast.

Click here to Download Volume Logic


EvilLyrics enables you to find any lyrics while listening any song.

You can see lyrics of your favorite music while listening in window without any problem.

Click here to Download EvilLyrics


G-force has played a very vital role in the music world. Now you can see entire detail about artistic, visualization and many other functions simultaneously.

The demand of this application is increasing day by day.

Click here to Download G-Force


eyeJamz is used to quickly and easily download Album cover art for all your music tracks in iTunes and display them, sorted by the Album or Artist name. It enables you to browse through your entire music collection in the stunning full color visual display, each cover resizable from 80×80 to 300×300.

You can use eyeJamz to control iTunes and display the same player states with the identical Artist, Album, Track information displayed in the LCD screen or use iTunes independently. With eyeJamz you are in full control.

Click here to download EyeJamz


FoxyTunes is a Firefox extension and Internet Explorer add-on which allows the user to control the selected media player from the browser window. The use of this application is very easy. This application places a small icon at the bottom of your Firefox browser and allows you to increase or decrease volume, forwarding, rewinding etc.

This application must have for music lovers for great features.

Click here to Download FoxyTunes

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3 Responses to “TOP 10 iTunes Add-Ons You Should Download”

  1. Nebby says:

    You forgot about iConcertCal! It brings up the next concert in your area of the band currently playing on itunes. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

  2. Nite says:

    My current iTunes add-on arsenal — Mousqueak (or TunesArt), ByteController, Get Lyrical, Artwork Gofer.

  3. Zly says:

    check out ispazz for mac ;)


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