Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Posted on 21 May 2009

When it comes to battery life, even your favorite devices may disappoint you in time of need. Be it your laptop, iPod, your phone or any other gadget, here are some techniques to help you increase your battery time.

Turn C batteries into Ds with quarters

If you have some C batteries around, you will only need some quarters to change them into Ds. You won’t get the same longevity, and you’ll have to part up to $1.50 for a bit, but it works.

Keep your iPod “held” and updated

Press the ‘Update’ button on your iPod, if you haven’t done so by now. Be it an old one, a new one or a used one, the newest firmware can boost up your battery life. Once you’ve done that, search this blog for battery saving tips, which include keeping backlighting, the equalizer, and Sound Check features off when they’re not needed. Also, keeping the “Hold” switch in place when you’re not actively using it saves you from accidentally playing your whole collection, and wasting another charge cycle.

Get some rechargeable batteries and a charger

It is more economical and environmentally better too, if you use rechargeable batteries. Get a good brand so that it can last for a longer period of time.

Turn off your digital camera’s screen

That tiny little LCD in your digital camera takes up a lot of battery. So if you’re running low, or you know that you won’t be able to recharge for some time, turn the screen off and short through optical viewfinder.

Watch movies from hard drives, not DVDs

Whenever you watch a movie on your laptop, try to watch it from your hard disk rather than a DVD as the disk spins and the read up takes up a lot of battery life.

Extend your iPhone’s life

There are many ways to extend you iPhone battery life. Try to keep you 3G switched off until it is needed. While playing games, keep the vibrate off. It will not only increase the battery life, you will be able to play for longer too.

Keep your gadgets out of your pockets

Everyone keeps their phones in their pockets; but the heat of your body can decrease the overall life of lithium-ion batteries. Try to keep the phone in a little airy place, and if you’re really running short on battery life, try stashing the batteries, just the batteries, in the freezer to conserve every drop of battery life left.

Get long-term battery life

Using the battery fully, and recharging it when it runs down fully may enhance the battery life. A Battery University link offers more tips, and Apple’s guide to batteries suggests a few tips on what to do with unused or spare batteries—store them in a cool place at about 50 percent charge, for instance.

Make your system smarter about power

In the case of the Mac, sleeping and hibernating isn’t done with remaining battery power in mind, and on Vista all those Aero effects and background processes suck up power too quickly. Enter Vista Battery Saver, which kills the Aero effects and other power sinks, and SmartSleep (OS X), which gradually transitions from sleep, to sleep-and-hibernate, to full-on, session-saving hibernate as you start winding down from 20 percent charge. Both are nearly necessary downloads.

Recalibrate a laptop battery to regain life

Laptop batteries can lie to you abut how much life they have left. To find out the real amount of battery time left, turn off all your interrupting applications, like screensavers and the like, put your computer to sleep, and plug it in until you know it’s good and charged. Then turn it back on, make sure your power settings are such that the system won’t try to sleep or hibernate, then run your computer all the way down on battery power. Charge it back up one more time, and you’ll know whether you really need to start shopping at Laptop Battery Express, Laptops for Less, or check with your manufacturer to get a new lithium stick.

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18 Responses to “Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips and Tricks”

  1. jas says:

    “Get long-term battery lifebatteries

    Using the battery fully, and recharging it when it runs down fully may enhance the battery life. ”

    this is wrong.
    after time batteries will form crystals and not be able to charge 100% using this methodology

  2. Neat info… At the top, you have a total of $1.75 in the shot, but in the text you state you might have to let go of up to $1.50 for a little while.

    Your a quarter off… lol

  3. Maria says:

    LOL, I did not notice.. thanks for pointing out the mistake

  4. Maria says:

    The point is not to repeat the process regularly but every once in a while

  5. Ed says:

    Some good info, however…
    Taking a used rechargeable battery and putting it in the freezer will not do anything to enhance battery life. Lithium ion batteries will last longer if they are not discharged fully. Use your laptop battery occasionally. Most people leave the laptop plugged in all the time and it overcharges the battery over time. Limit using a car charger for your cell phone. It will overcharge the battery over time. A few hints from your friendly neighborhood Batteries Plus manager.

  6. Ed says:

    BTW, Apple fans, tell them to make the batteries in their devices replaceable. It’s a real pain trying to replace an Ipod battery, and just wait until the Iphone bats start to wear out soon!

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  9. nepal travel says:

    wao whats a great tips. i like very much. thank you very much for sharing these tips

  10. Qianwangli says:

    I do not like BTW, Apple I like IBM and other ,if they will turn ,I will change my mind

  11. Qianwangli says:

    I do not like BTW, Apple I like IBM and other ,if they will turn ,I will change my mind
    Andrew Morales

  12. james says:

    laptop battery ,I want to how to save it’s energe,because I donot have andy more

  13. ice says:

    Interesting…. very informative. by the way another way to save your laptop battery is removing it once its fully charged while keeping the charger plugged in. That is if you are still not going to go mobile, like in office or at home. Just put it back when you need to go. No over charging and less battery cycles used.

  14. Great article, I sure learn a lot from it, and I will bookmark it.

  15. Linda says:

    Very useful imformation…

  16. Mike says:

    What a great tip, C batteries are much cheaper than D batteries at and the Duracell type are also lighter to ship. I’ll order some of these when I next visit my No.1 Procell Supplier at


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