Russian Nuclear Power Plant Control Room

Posted on 24 May 2009

This Russian Nuclear power Plant was completed in 1990.Its construction was started in 1982, in 8 years it was completed and now its actively working, generating power almost 3 Megawatts, its from one of 7 biggest plants in Russia.

In this picture you can see interesting inside look of Russian Power Plant Control Room. It looks little strange to watch the dials instead of more computer screens for monitoring.

This plant was build after the accident of Chernobyl, which was happened in 1986. That’s why special attention about securing this plant from such accidents was paid to it. It is said that sci fi writers and security engineers are always planning together to avoid the accidents and have a safe plant but still security system should be ready for them. Outer structure of the reactors at plant can stand 10 times bigger than atom bomb blast.

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One Response to “Russian Nuclear Power Plant Control Room”

  1. Aaron says:

    Although I’m sure the atomic blast comparison is for informational purposes, I find it funny that the blast itself would likely release huge amounts of radiation — but at least the reactor wouldn’t leak any.


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