Modern Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

Posted on 21 May 2009

In modern age of technology everyday new and advanced things are being made in every way of life. These all developments in various fields is for to improve the standards of things which are used by consumers and every manufacturing company wants to produce best products for more sales to earn out more profit. Same like that there is always advancement in Electrical accessories also. Here are some modern electrical outlets and creative power strips from all over world.

1-Socket Pocket

It is a small accessory that can provide some much needed organization to your power cord clutter. The Socket Pocket is an easy way to simultaneously store and charge your cell phone, PDA, MP3 player and other gadgets. As you can see, Socket Pocket keeps items held in place directly beside the electrical socket while they charge. You just replace your current outlet plate with the Socket Pocket. It’s that easy – just unscrew the existing plate and put the Socket Pocket in its place.

  • Comes as a 2-Pack
  • Replaces your current electrical outlet plate
  • Overall Dimensions: 6″W x 1.75″D x 4.5″H
  • Pocket Dimensions: 3″W x 1.75″D
  • White or Tan color choice
  • Does not include socket plate screw – just use the one from your existing outlet plate

2- Hang on Outlet

This is a basic power outlet with a little extra support down along it for holding your lose plugs keeps your power management neat and tidy. That is still aesthetically pleasing within your home’s décor and looks pleasant to eyes also.

3-Wall Cleats

Wall cleats are designed to hang out your power cables safely. What use is an electrical plug when you’re not plugged in? Two simple tabs on the ends of a standard cover plate increase its function.

4- Hidden Wall Safe Electrical Outlet

An easy way to hide your precious stuff from thieves. Its and handy wall safe which gives a lot of protection to your precious stuff hard for any thief to get in mind what’s inside the wall behind electric socket. These unique wall safes allow you to hide valuables inside one of many identical looking wall outlets you already have in your home, the last place someone is likely to look. In my opinion this unit is a lot better than a locked safe and also hundred times cheaper then large Safes.

Worried about the outlet cover not matching your other outlets? You can interchange any standard plug cover for this one to match your other plugs.

  • High impact plastic and metal
  • Once installed it pivots out to reveal the secret hiding place
  • Comes with cutout saw and template for easy installation in just minutes
  • Dimensions: 7″H x 3.5″W x 2.5″D
  • Jewelry and money not included!

5 – WirePod

WirePod is a flexible gray power pod that begins with a three-prong plug and branches out into four curled arms, each with a single three-prong socket. Its arms and body roll and unfurl as needed to adjust for your functional living space.

WirePod is the first piece in Artecnica’s Wiremore collection, a series of electrical products that challenge conventions by transforming power cords and wires from concealed objects into visible, active design elements that energize living and working spaces.

6 – Swivel Sockets

Traditional power strips are not the most ideal way to conserve space and keep things orderly. This Swivel Socket design tries to overcome that problem with six outlets that can rotate 90 degrees.

Obviously, that angle would be enough to get the cords out of the way so that you can move furniture and other objects more flush with the wall. It also includes surge protection with indicator lights.

7- Donut Power Strip

One of the most irritating things can be plugging in a few appliances with larger ends and only being able to use a small portion of a power strip. To this end, the Donut circular power strip has been designed as a simple, practical method for getting the most out of your energy extension.

Each of the outlets on the Donut can spin for proper accommodation of larger power bricks and the circular design is practical for getting the most out of your appliances.

Donut power strip is one of the simplest but most ingenious designs to come along in a while. Hopefully it catches on like it should, helping to put rectangular power strips to rest.

8 – E-Rope Power Strip

The E-Rope Modular Power Strip is a 2006 Idea Award winner designed by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim. Still in the design concept phase, this is an idea that’s bound to take off because not only does it look great but it’s functional, too. 

Its blue lights glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current, saving you from that power-sucking standby mode that’s so prevalent in many of today’s electronic devices. Plus, its modular design lets you add just the right number of outlets needed.

9 – Picket Fence

The Picket Fence adapts to older homes and cleanly manages the electrical necessities of the occupants. The baseboards have a certain thickness to them, typically much thicker than an electrical cord. By sticking these pickets onto the baseboard, a space is created between the wall and the picket points.

This space serves as a track for routing all of the wires cleanly around the room. They can go wherever they like and double back as much as they need to, all concealed behind a picket fence. Because of the gaps between the individual pickets, a plug can jump out wherever it is needed.

10 – E-Ball Multiplug Connector

A three dimensional hexagonal design gives this e-ball an entirely new look. This Multiplug connector is not limited to two or three plugs, but can connect a number of plugs to various electronic devices.

Occupying small space makes it handy and convenient to keep anywhere or move from place to place. Inspired by a sports theme, the hexagonal cuts all around it creating an effect of a soccer ball.

11 – Plug with a Hole Concept

This is a good universal plug design by Kim Seung Woo.

It comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily and encourage user to saving energy.

12 – 360 Electrical Outlet

It’s an electrical outlet plate, which lets the two sockets spin 360 degrees to help manage bulky plugs.

  • Rated: 15A – 125V
  • Listed to UL 498 (File no. E304553)
  • Fits standard size wall box
  • Back wire and side wire
  • Includes decorative screw less wall plate
  • Unlimited clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for maximum flexibility

13 – Socket Deer Outlet Cover

These Socket Deer Outlet Covers come in three different shapes, and this means you get to choose which kind of deer will guard your wall sockets. Yet, the designer claims that the device can also be used as covers for the light switches.

The Socket Deer Outlet Covers, a thingy that is supposed to add to your residence’s “cool factor,” and provide you with some functionality as well. Now, one cannot tell for sure whether these rubberized antlers have reached their altogether nice goals. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and even if some would be inclined to say that the Socket Deer Outlet Covers come with a redneck aura, other people might actually like them very much.

14 – Power Aware Cord

Maybe if you could actually see how much energy you’re using, you wouldn’t leave that PC running all night. That’s the idea behind the Static Energy+Design Network’s Power Aware Cord, a power strip whose connecting cable glows and pulses.

Its electro luminescent wires embedded inside get brighter when more power flows through, pulsing and scintillating with various patterns that are difficult to ignore.

15 – Rozetkus Power Strip

Rozetkus power strip is designed for twelve 7/16 CEE euro plugs.

It is suitable for all low-voltage devices—lamps, clocks, hard drives, cell phone chargers, etc.—that do not require earthling. You won’t be able to plug in a device with a 4.8 mm plug (for safety reasons).

All of the 25 sockets are LED backlit to make finding a free socket under your desk easier. Rozetkus uses a standard high-voltage fuse.

16 – Electroman Surge Protector

Behold the Electroman Surge Protector, that not only quadruples your electrical outlet.but also has an indicator light where his heart is located that shows your electrical appliances are protected against evil electricity surges.

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