First Look at Microsoft Surface Computer

Posted on 31 May 2009

We got the Microsoft Surface Computer via post in our office. There was a box rather than a crate. It was very heavy and expensive (around $15,000). we thought it was a good idea to share our first encounter with our readers

This is a box having strips around it.

By lifting up the box we got the sealed unit, as saying I am ready for deployment and having at top 1st the documentations and accessories.

A beautiful poster lying on the accessories signaling to have it in hands.

Then tin foil shielding was cut out to get out the real main unit. Just like, as earth is  dug up for water. Its really like water for us because having it in front we feeling as we thirsty to get it out quickly.

At last we got it. Down in box the unit is covered with a calibration board along envelope having “domino tags”.

Removing rest of packaging quickly we cant wait long.

All packaging had been removed.

Undoing is complete now we got the following stuff:

  • The main Surface unit.
  • Quick setup manual.
  • Power cord.
  • Calibration board.
  • Envelope containing the “domino tags”
  • Surface poster.
  • 2 black rims to cover the bottom end of the unit once all the cables are attached.
  • Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000, Media Center Bluetooth Keyboard and mouse combo.

The Microsoft logo nicely pasted on the side of glass surface. Attracting eyes!

Well we are in hurry now look at our breaths as holding inside our chests.

Side panels hides the connectors, as regular PC system haves USB, VGA, Power, etc. When the power is connected the device blinks up with as got soul in it giving signals of life showing array of glowing standby LEDs on the side of the unit. An external screen connected to the Surface computer can be used for debugging or for keeping Windows desktop while the main Surface Unit is running.

Finally its connected and on now greetings by Window Vista Business acquiring regional settings.

The Bluetooth Keyboard + mouse started working right away as batteries inserted.

After setting the basic start manuals EULA, date and time, installation is completed and Windows logged on. We are welcome on SURFACE.

There are few applications placed right on Windows desktop, at first lets us check if the ambient lighting is OK for the built in cameras, the whole screen is showing large green dots. So it’s working perfect.

The second application signals for cameras, first taking a picture of the uncovered surface ….

and then asking for the calibration board’s white and dotted side.

Starting the Surface UI gets us to the interactive pond. Seems as having real images and we are putting hands on that BEAUTIFUL.

The main menu of the Surface UI is showing the installed Surface applications. And for sure we’ll use these applications.

Some applications in it are data visualizers. There is RAWVISUALIZER which displays right a way what the built in cameras watch. Like our wrist watches as you can see in picture, cant take face near then screen will show ghost raw pictures.

There is fireflies game in it catch the fly and get the points.

There are 292 domino-tags included. These are stickers that can be placed on any object. Once the object is placed on the Surface unit with the sticker facing down, the cameras recognize the unique pattern and location of the object and the applications can react to this data.

Now its time for us to make own Surface application. It’s a fun to be on Surface.

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3 Responses to “First Look at Microsoft Surface Computer”

  1. says:

    It looks like it came in a crate and sure it looks pretty heavy and expensive. Could you share the purpose of going for a Surface Computer? Any specific reason?

  2. Maria says:

    It seems to be a good collaboration device… it let our older executives to work using hands… etc. etc..

  3. SEO Updates says:

    That is simply great one.


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