Top 10 Trust Building Graphics to Boost Traffic

Posted on 29 April 2009

No matter what you are selling online, the objective is to boost your conversion rate; a better conversion rate means bigger ROI (Return on investment) and that is what makes your day.

E-commerce is an increasingly expanding world, in which many studies and researches have been made of how to enlarge and expand this conversion rate with little or no trouble. One such way is to enhance/gain your customer’s trust.

Consumers trusted graphics can often inspire trust, which in-turn can work wonders for your website. Some of these websites that people partner with are discussed below.

Increasing Returns With Trusted Sites

Returns may vary from site to site, but many of these sites claim that customers have increased from 5-30% and even more! I would also recommend you to test these graphics yourself and believe that they would help you increase potential customers.

Best Place For These Graphics/Logos.

Graphics should be placed in areas with high visibility. Many users place McAfee secure logo at the top corner of their website, along with the other trusted logos. VeriSign, PayPal verified and other order related logo’s are usually put near BUY NOW buttons or at the footer of webpage. The point to remember here is that these Logo’s should be prominent and visible.

1. McAfee Secure

“McAfee Secure” logo placed in your website restores consumers trust. Daily network perimeter and web application scanning to help ensure your site is protected against threats. They also have a PCI certification service and you get to display their logo. This is a must have for any medium to large business enterprise. McAfee Website

2. VeriSign Secured

Another giant in e-commerce industry is the “VeriSign”, which provides Security (SSL Certificates). If you having one, then it will allow you to display the well known VeriSign Secured Seal. Visit VeriSign Website

3. BBB (Better Business Bureau) Seal

Another well known entity is the Better Business Bureau. Displaying BBB logo notifies customers that you are determined to resolve any complaints and meet BBB quality standards. Getting a BBB seal is not easy, but it’s worth a try, if you are serious about your business. Visit BBB

4. BizRate

BizRate is recognized for its store ratings and lets clients post honest reviews about business. Hopefully, you will have lots of satisfied customers and a good rating. BizRate Website

5. Secure Checkout

Secure Checkout logo can help you gain trust of your customers. This logo will help customers feel secure, especially if they’re shopping on your web portal. Many sites create custom secure checkout logos that display a symbol such as a lock and “Secure Checkout” in addition to showing what payment methods are accepted.

6. PayPal  Verified

PayPal offers verified and secure transactions, both to the customer and the host website. If you are using PayPal on your website, you should consider showing a PayPal verified logo. Visit PayPal

7. eBay PowerSeller

The eBay PowerSeller program is for stores that have high volume of sales and meet eBay standards such as a customer satisfaction rating. Visit eBay

8. TrustWave

TrustWave is a popular PCI certification and SSL certificate selling business. It also has its own seal. Visit TrustWave


The TRUSTe logo is all about privacy and has a list of programs available, so you and your customers both know that you have a proper privacy policy. You can place its Seal on the website for customer awareness. Visit TRUSTe

10. Trust Guard

Trust Guard is offers the same services as McAfee. They offer security scanning and such services for your website; also they are a lot cheaper than McAfee. They also have different applications and logos. Visit Trust Guard Website


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5 Responses to “Top 10 Trust Building Graphics to Boost Traffic”

  1. Very good list, perfect to feel safe in the web.

  2. Elton says:

    I personally use Trust Guard for my trust seals and have had great results in increasing sales and conversion.

    Thanks for the great article!

  3. bob balony says:

    TRUST GUARD is a sham. ASk them to prove that they do daily scanning or provide any technology.

    They are 3 SEM guys who are connected to Brad Fallon—-banned from Google.

    Hmmmm….are they PCI approved????

  4. Nathan says:

    Do you mean “boost” traffic?

  5. As President of Trust Guard I can assure you that we have thousands of users (big and small) and we actually scan for over 25,000 vulnerabilities daily or quarterly based on the package purchased. As for Brad Fallon, I count him as a friendly acquaintance, but we are not connected with him in anyway. It is also important to note that no one mentioned above has been banned from Google. Finally, yes, our services are approved. If you are serious about Conversion and Safety, Trust Guard is an excellent choice.

    Dave Brandley, President
    Trust Guard


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