Next Big Thing After iPhone; AT&T Offers $50 Laptop

Posted on 02 April 2009

For those of us, who were waiting for the next big thing after iPhone, waiting seems to be over. AT&T has shattered all barriers for Laptop prices. 50 dollar laptop is here.

On Wednesday, at a trade show in Las Vegas, AT&T folks announced their plans to expand beyond their traditional market of cell phones and smart phones. Initially they would be test marketing the new range of laptops and netbooks at selected company stores in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

As cell phone market is starting to saturate, Wireless carriers around US are looking for ways to expand into other gadgets. AT&T’s decision to subsidize the price of laptops and netbooks is a move in same direction.

If you are an AT&T customers, you will be able to get a netbook for just $50 when they sign up for a 2-year Home DSL + Wireless broadband contract. It is interesting to note that the cheapest plan you can choose to buy in this deal is $60 per month. This data plan adds $1,440 to the cost of your netbook over two years, but if you already plan to purchase wireless data, then it can obviously be a good deal.

For those who only wish to buy wireless broadband service the cost of netbook will be $100. which is still many times cheaper than the actual price of netbook at retail store. There is also an option of getting a more expensive laptop as well. For example, Lenovo X850 that retails for above $1200 is available for only $850 under this deal. Other laptops and netbooks that you can get under this promotion include Acer Aspire One, Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and Mini 12, and LG Xenia netbooks–as well as the Lenovo ThinkPad X200 , all at subsidized prices.

It is not the first time when an internet provider has subsidized the price of laptop or a computer. In Europe, it’s already common for phone companies to subsidize computers with wireless access. There are reports out there that other wireless carriers like Verizon will soon follow suit and offer similar products. They are playing the wait and see game.

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7 Responses to “Next Big Thing After iPhone; AT&T Offers $50 Laptop”

  1. Thanks for the information you’ve posted. Nice article…

  2. wow, just 50!!! unbelievable

  3. googe says:

    you said you had 50 dollar pcs

  4. jacob says:

    what is brand name of laptop?

  5. lisa says:

    How many laptop s gb?

  6. muzikjock says:

    Let me get this straight. I get a laptop for $50.00. But to get that I have to agree to a wireless DSL and Broadband contract for two years. And the cheapest plan is $60.00/month. What fool crunching these numbers would fall for this? I purchased my acer aspire one from newegg for 299.00. no tax and free delivery. Now lets look at their plan. I have to purchase a wireless plan for 60/month. add in the taxes and you can safely add another 25% to that. just to give the benefit of the doubt lets just say 15%. that brings your monthly total to 69.00/month. My current sprint cell phone bill retails at 99.95/month but with the taxes added it comes to 121 and some change by the time they add in the bullshit taxes and the “because we can” taxes. that comes out to be about 22% in taxes. so for sake of argument, our monthly fee comes out to be $70-73 dollars/month. That brings our final two year total to $1753.00 and that just pays for your internet connection for two years, and don’t forget thats just with the cheapest plan they offer folks.We haven’t even been told if there are any initiation fees or “we are going to stick it in your ass before you begin” fees to be added as a one time for the privilege of starting their wireless internet . We’ve covered the possible costs of the internet connection based on the cheapest plan AT&T offers, now lets look at the Netbook. Are they going to make you pay for this netbook out of pocket then send in your proof of purchase to At&t for the money back, or will they just take the total you paid for the netbook and subtract that less $50.00 off the cost of the internet service? We don’t know from this article. If all fails, always assume the worst. Not everyone is like me and searches for the best prices. So, given that i would say it is reasonable to purchase your aspire one for 299.00, with taxes brings you to about $349.00 by the time you are out the door. You go home and send in your voucher with your proof of purchase to AT&T to bring your cost of the cheapest wireless internet from $1753.00 down to $1454.00. And that is if you filled out the paper work correctly. yes you just might get connected right away but it will take you 6 months before all the paperwork goes through and you see the actual cost of everything domino through the system. So the total cost of your netbook plus your wireless internet for two years is at least $1454.00 for the cheapest wireless internet service that AT&T offers, and we don’t even know if there are any asshole fees to be added to that total. Your total out of pocket cost for that laptop/internet service combo is $2102.00 before you even see any discount credited to you. Gotta love those $50.00 laptops.

  7. Djamila Hassan Ali says:

    Dear sir.i would like to buy a laptop costs 50 dollars,i would like to have it as possibility as you can ,i think that it has a good quality.I am fully in need with this laptop, i have to type with it a file.thank this is my number 734769506, you can call me this evennig at ten , i can speak fluently in french but not english, this call is important ,i have not internet at home

  8. Jamie Oyster says:

    What.? I rather by an iphone and its a better device in my opinion. The Iphone Hacking is what makes the iphone so precious..!


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