24 Most Under-rated Websites of 2009

Posted on 27 April 2009

From job sites to search engines to social networks, sites have been reviewed over the past year. The reviewed sites were belonging to about every cross-section of the web. Following is the list of top 24 websites which excited a lot; and now we are looking at where will they take us in 2009.

Readers are requested to tell us about 2008′s most under-rated websites through their comments.


CarZen is a good website to choose cars and know the details of them. It lets you match the automobiles of your criteria.



This website provides a stock of music market for growing podcast needs. The stock music market is user made and is well taken care of.


The website is good for entrepreneurs. The website allows UK-based companies to link with videos and find for source of advice, information as well as funding.



CoNotes is a nice job website. The website allows employers to search for candidates and also allows candidates to look for employers. The coolest feature is a section for comments and questions about companies. So that one can learn about the company before he apply for any job.


The website is containing the information about celebrity fashion. It contains images of celebrities being taken from several events to help you figure out who made accessories the celebrity is carrying along but also contains the information about where you can get one such accessory for yourself. The website has also won the ‘Blogger’s Choice Open Web Awards’ award.



Sometimes one is not in the mood or is lacking time to go out finding stories to put on the web. This website eases your job by giving you breaking stories from around the web into categories; saving your reading time of popular stories lesser.


The website helps you finding out if the competitors are paying more or not. The website has a simple and straight  forward search ability to help you find out a job when you are looking for new employment. The website is containing corporate environment review space as well as has entered into the employer payment.


Just Leap In

The website provides you a virtual world to put in your browser where you can share videos, images, and social network with your friends and relatives.


The website is really cool in the sense that it aims to have every word in the world pronounced in every language. Really cool for people who are learning new language.



The website is trying to bring students, events and local business together for the sake of sharing information. The website is directed only for college students.


The website places local courts of basketball game on Google Maps mash up so that one can easily locate them to organize games. So the website removes your headache to get your friends together for a basketball game.



Really cool website to rate your current employer as well as your past employers. The new employees can know about the company and its environment before they join the company.


The website is a  social gaming space with just a handful games. The popular games include:

  • Who has the Biggest Brain
  • Bowling Buddies

The games are really colorful and fun to play.



This website lets you schedule advertisement in advance. The website do this via Twitter and helps you to schedule up to a year.


The website is created with an aim to let you manage your money with minimum effort; this way the website helps you staying on top of your finances.



The website is a brand new email service with an aim to change the way we email by bringing together the services of Facebook, and letting you share documents, calenders with your contacts. The website also lets you build simplate web pages so that people can see your shared items.


The website lets you upload photos or videos of any crime including burglary, theft, or other criminal acts that are caught on security cameras with the purpose that public may identify the criminals. You can also look for crimes by searching them through zip code or address.



The website helps people people finding places to eat for $10 or less a person. You can find any kind of food including Chinese, Mexican, etc. The website helps you locate the food places using Google Maps mashup.


The website helps you know if the relationship with the people you converse via Gmail and LinkedIn is strong or not. The website also gives you suggestions to improve your relationship with your contacts of Gmail and LinkedIn.



If you are in the habbit of sharing web addresses on Twitter, then this website is for you. The website moves a URL up if it is being discussed more. Thus in a way it is ranking the URL so that you can find the popular URLs easily.


The website lets people send location to others on phones, laptops, dash devices, and desktops. The websites provide the direction turn by turn so that people learn where they want to go.



The website provides the platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors. Providing the health insurance plans is also a cool feature of the website members.


If you want to get an idea of a university or college, then this website is a good place for you. The website lets people review the colleges and universities from a student perspective.


Where The Locals Eat

If you are on travel and you want to go to restaurant which is not overpriced and is famous to locals then this website is for you. The website lists top spots from the 50 largest cities of the USA.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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  1. good list, thanks for share it.

  2. Joe says:

    Looks good. Love nofouls.com


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