GNOME is better than KDE?

Posted on 10 April 2009

Linux desktop arena is under battle and it is believed that GNOME is pulling ahead of today’s KDE in terms of design, stability, and usability.

Many of you won’t even believe that KDE has left behind GNOME in the desktop war since long. But what about now? Now the situation is totally different, and GNOME is pulling ahead of KDE. Still don’t believe? Let’s look at how this happened (We will be comparing GNOME version 2.22 or later with KDE version 4.1 or later.)

1: KDE 4

KDE4 was a redesign from KDE; and when it was released, you can say it wasn’t ready to be released at that time.  It was not possible to configure KDE according to your exact specifications. In fact, KDE was taking a clear inspiration of Microsoft. The release was really painful, and was unable to get attention of users. This is what was given as feedback.

While GNOME is still moving forward in the same direction where it is moving since years.

2: Start menu

GNOME is providing three menus from the main panel:

  • Application
  • Places
  • Administration

Each menu represents the items you can find from it. Also, navigation the menus is efficient, elegant, and simple.

While, KDE4 is containing a really clumsy menu. Five visible tabs, when one clicks on the menu, are

  • Applications
  • Computer
  • Favourites
  • Recently Used
  • Leave

The ‘Favorites’ menu is containing System Settings and File Manager by-default. If you are to open an application, you have to click on Applications tab, then navigate to the category of the application, look for the application entry, and finally click on it. Isn’t it weird? Adding an application launcher widget to the panel is also irrelevant as chances are there that the panel will be full of launchers if you are in hobby of using a number of applications.

3: Nautilus vs. Dolphin

KDE4 contains a file manager named as Dolphin. This file manager was introduced for the first time in that version. Before that, KDE was containing a graphical file manager named as Konqueror.

That file manager was considered to be the best. Dolphin is some how similar to Nautilus but is lacking the stability. It can just manage the files in a better way and that is what is does at all. It also has add-ons for Drop box. 

Dolphin was an attempt to adopt a simpler streamlined file manager. But the result of adding Dolphin is not good as it is having features which most of us will find worthless.

4: Foundations

KDE4 was built with the hope that it will be ported to other platforms as well such as Windows and OS X. To make it possible, KDE4 was required to be build from scratch. KDE4 was build on the top of Qt4. That change made the KDE4 unstable.

While GNOME 2.24 was build on GTK+ 2. This is what it was build on earlier as well. Flags in the code were also set to enforce compatibility with upcoming GTK+ 3 with the thing in mind that transition for developers will be seamless when GTK+ 3 is put on production use. That is why GNOME is stable.

5: Resources

KDE 4 is considered to be using approximately 39% less memory than KDE 3.5 does.  This is what is being claimed by KDE4 developers.

On the other hand, GNOME 2.24 is using lesser memory than KDE4.

6: Clutter

In KDE4 widgets were introduced which themselves introduced clutters. The widgets were able to do many sundry tricks; but that helped making the desktop junkyard. The ‘Desktop’ widget just provides a file manager for only single directory, that is, Desktop; and it is the default widget. In my opinion most of the widgets included in the KDE are useless.

7: Customization

It is assumed that KDE4 is providing a lot of customization. But KDE4 allows you to add widgets, panels, etc. A major customization is to change the size of your panel; also you can reposition it. KDE4 seems to walk on the path of Windows in which limited configuration options are available which are related to look and feel of desktop. Also, the ‘Winlist’ desktop menu is no more available.

While GNOME allows you to customize your desktop as much as you want. It doesn’t restrict you at any stage.

8: System Tray Overkill

If you install KDE, Sound, Wi-Fi, Klipper, Power, Beagle, Knotify, Battery Monitor, and Clock are by default available in System Tray. While GNOME provides  Power, Wi-Fi, User Switcher, Clock, and Sound.

Although both are providing the System Tray, but the basic difference is that in GNOME, System Tray is much faster resulting in an instant load; while in KDE it is slower and loads the items one after another. Also, if you have lots of application launchers on panel, and your System Tray is also full; this will make your panel cluttered.

9: KDE = Vista?

KDE4 seems to follow Windows Vista. Vista is unable to do much for Microsoft and is a clean failure; same is the case with KDE4. The beauty of Linux is that it doesn’t look and feel like Windows; that’s the reason it is liked by everyone. But following the path of Windows means beauty with instability which doesn’t suit to Linux as Linux is a symbol of stability and flexibility.

The battle is not over and the competition will continue bringing more and more innovation in design, flexibility and stability in KDE as well as GNOME.

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10 Responses to “GNOME is better than KDE?”

  1. Wow says:

    Wow… this is a terrible article

  2. Miguel says:

    I second the opinion of the first commenter, this article is terrible. Why? Well, to start with, there are several grammar errors. But most importantly, it has a lot of personal opinions passed on as if they were facts. And I can see that this piece is going to attract the attention of the KDE fan boys to expose them. In the end this type of badly written articles do not help Gnome since it just provides a forum for KDE fan boys to trash it. If you are going to write about Gnome, please check your facts and state your opinions as that alone.

    While I am a Gnome user and have done a little GTK+ coding, I have to admit that there is a lot of work that still need to be done in it. KDE also has a lot of work ahead of it, but at the moment, they may actually be better positioned than Gnome to tackle the future.

    You see, Gnome is in a bit of a bind. GTK+, while good, lacks a lot of features that make faster and easier development possible. That is why many of us have been contemplating the use of C# instead. However, due to the religious hatred for Microsoft that many in the community have, this idea is not likely to fly. So, at the moment we are stuck with GTK+. Some are starting to promote the idea of using Qt for some Gnome development. I don’t know what it would take for this to happen, but I for one am for anything that helps speed development, whether it is C# or Qt or whatever.

    The problem is that KDE developers, with Qt4, now have much better tools that we have and are able to code things much easier and faster than we can. That is why we have seen such incredible progress in KDE in the little over 3 months that have gone since KDE 4.1 was released. The features and stability that KDE 4.2.2 has would have taken years to code in GTK+. At this rate, it won’t be long before everyone considers Gnome as an antic, features wise, when compared to KDE. (I mean, we can’t even manage to be able to rename files and folders from within the File dialog boxes because it is too hard to implement. :’)

  3. Makhzumite says:

    yupp .. it is no doubt a terrible article a mentioned by the person who left comment before me …

    and secondly why the hell you are mass mailing to people you don’t know .. this gnome, KDE discussions are so old now .. used to think over these stupid things 8-9 years back at undergrad school .. kindly better serve your time writing some research paper that can be of some worth ..

    Tack såmycket

  4. nip says:

    Wow, this is the worst write-up ever. Congratulations.
    I suspect this article just serves to ridicule GNOME fanatics. I think you succeed.

  5. Steve says:

    Yeah…and Diesel is better than petrol, and Islam is better than Christianity and Vi is better than Emacs (actually that last one is true… ;) )

    This is a pointless article. KDE and Gnome take different approaches to the same problem, and as such they will suit different people. Both can accomplish the main desktop tasks and many behind the scenes configurations on a linux system, albeit in slightly different ways. Neither is ‘better’ than the other, and if you’re basing your argument on popularity then Windows is the best OS and McDonalds is the best restaurant.

  6. Ilya says:

    I agree that KDE4 is a great failure. I only disagree that Dolphin provides better way to manage files. In fact it lacks the basic features to do so.

  7. Etriaph says:

    Comparing KDE to GNOME is like comparing Enlightenment to Windowmaker; two ways of getting what you want out of your desktop. The same could be said of MacOS X interface and Windows Vista. I use KDE because the integration of KDE applications with the desktop (and with each other) has always surpassed GNOME for me.

    Now, comparing Vista to KDE is ludicrous. My KDE desktop, once customized, doesn’t look like any other environment out there. I use plasmoids on my desktop to gain access to often-used folders (such as music, video, documents, downloads, etc.) and I don’t really even use panels. Vista is a mess of a UI and hasn’t really “improved” since XP other than it looks a little nicer.

    GNOME can’t surpass KDE because there is no race, the sooner you figure that out the sooner you’ll see the myriad of uses for both.

  8. Steven B says:

    OP, Regardless of whether or not you are right or wrong about GNOME v KDE, you REALLY, REALLY need to work on your English language skills. Even if you have proof that you are right, no one can take you seriously if you cannot communicate. If English is your second language, then perhaps you should write this article in your native language and ask for some help translating it. If English is your first language, then may God have mercy on your soul.

  9. bill says:

    im a simple a end user with no programming skills or any code logic brains just a simply average dumb user.

    i have tried and tested gnome and kde4 and straight away gnome was allot better for ME. to me gnome text and icons are rendered perfect out of the box. very easy to find apps in the nav bar.. even choosing a wallpapers requires less clicks than kd4. now whether gnome is good for everyone else is a no, there are others who like kde and for those users i wish them luck and who knows mybe kde will win in the end due to its engine but until gnome is dead ill continue supporting it

  10. Hey, i am the admin of .Thank’s for sharing this information.This is very useful and informative material.Good post and keep it up dude.


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