Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Gaming Laptops

Posted on 15 April 2009

Laptops come in many shapes and sizes and with different features. Our Editors have picked up top 5 gaming laptops for you. These laptops are amongst the bestselling gaming laptops available in the market today. Check em out!

The Alienware Area-51 m15x

Most intriguing components which that you will discover include: high quality resolution in a 15-inch display; the backlit type of keyboard is a cool touch and easy to handle; one of the fastest and greatest laptops on the globe, at the moment.

Alienware’s superb powerful flagship Area51 m-15x has the insides down, But fastidious aesthetic sense isn’t sold on the appearance of this otherwise awesome 15inch power mechanism or device of gaming notebooks.

Maingear eX-L

This machine is simply remarkable!  It has incredible performance results; astonishing presentation and brilliant display, smooth plus elegantly designed. It has more than adequate ports, spacious keyboard, huge 17 inch display and built-in speakers plus not to forget the subwoofers.

The Gateway P-7811FX

Next up is the Gateway, no one has any information about how Gateway makes cash doing anything, but discovering high-end machinery at low rates making  the 17-inch Gateway P-7811FX the finest mobile phone gaming deal going at present. It is comprised and its features include a high-end Centrino 2 CentralProcessingUnits and NVIDIA GeForce-9800 graphics-card for an marvelously  sensible and reasonable cost; higher computer screen resolution than earlier models; 4GIG of RAM and 64bit OS.

Battalion 101 CZ-9 Ultra

-  Outstanding and brilliant performance for its actual cost and price; long lasting battery timings, the most excellent display and exhibition;  and not not a bad shape at all. If you can hold onto a  comparatively small screen/monitor and don’t mind the high resolution video games you play, then the iBuypower Battalion 101 CZ-9 Ultra is truly your kind of machine.

People who play games who don’t want to heave around excessively huge notebooks. These 15.4 inch notebooks offer what is the best option there is today, for hardcore gamers.

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8 Responses to “Editor’s Pick: Top 5 Gaming Laptops”

  1. TMUkmkd says:

    emm i’ve read this article and i’ve re read it and i’ve re read it

    but i just can find 4 product up there.. or i missing something here?

  2. wow… amazing products…

  3. incredible equipment

  4. Omg… the top of the line

  5. TortugasLastStand says:

    I definitly only see 4 products lol, but it reinforces the fact that The Gateway P-7811FX will be a good laptop to get, the college I want to go to has laptop/notebook support only for gateway, dell, toshiba, and apple

  6. Cetaman says:

    Where can you get this laptop? The Gateway site doesn’t show it and Fry’s, Best Buy, etc, and the other retails have never heard of it. btw, there appears to be no direct number to Gateway for purchase.


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