The sixth sense technology

Posted on 22 March 2009

Many of us might have heard about the sixth sense in Hollywood movies, but ever thought that you will be able to use it as a technology?

If you are from those who just believe that there are only five senses then I must say you are wrong. Because, those five senses are provided by nature.  Now technology is going to provide you an addition sense named as sixth sense. It’s an exciting new research from MIT students which have been experimented successfully, and soon we will  find it in the market as a wearable gestural interface.

sixth sense gadgets

How Sixth Sense Works

The technology in itself is nothing more than the combination of some stunning technologies, but the idea of combining those technologies is really great. The technology is mainly based on hand gesture recognition, image capturing, processing, and manipulation, etc.  The camera is used to recognize and track user’s hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques, while the projector is used to project visual information on walls or on any physical thing around us. Other hardware includes mirror and colored caps to be used for sixth sense

The software of the technology uses the video stream, which is captured by the camera, and also tracks the location of the tips of the fingers to recognize the gestures. This process is done using some techniques of computer vision.

Sixth Sense Applications

The sixth sense also implements map which lets the user display the map on any physical surface and find his destination by just using his gestures. The device is cool enough that it can display current time on your wrist as well as recognize people by projecting information related to them.

sixth sense watch on hand

The important thing is that the device is a mobile device. Means, it is so light that we can take it with us where ever we want to. It is as small as a cell phone and is so simple to use.

Sixth Sense Availability and Price

The device is also not an expensive one; the introductory price is just $350.

Sixth sense technology in action

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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21 Responses to “The sixth sense technology”

  1. John Tommasi says:

    I specialize in placing engineers/scientists with R&D/DOD clients in the Northeast. Many of my clients are doing various forms of computer vision reseach. Currently I have four researcher roles and three software engineering roles(C++) in the CV space. These positions are located in Boston and the NYC area. If you’d like to hear about some interesting opportunities from time to time please let me know.
    Thank You!!!


  2. vishal sharma says:

    hi , i m mechanical engineer from india. i really surprised when i listen abt this technology.
    i really very excited to buy this. Kindly launch this as soon as possible here in my country.

  3. This got me thinking about meta data in general and my own meta data specifically.

    What would my tag cloud be? What do I want it to be? Are those the same? Can I manipulate my own meta-data through some kind of ‘optimization’. Do I have to really optimize my life or can I simply spam myself with all kids of keywords ala ‘black-hat seo‘?

    You hear people talk about the artificiality of the Internet, but what’s really happening, through data mining and impossible to get away from transparency, is that it’s becoming harder to get away from the reality of ourselves.

  4. naresh says:

    pls launh tis produdt in india, i am an engineering student from chennai

  5. Imesh Fernando says:

    ohhhhh……this is an awesome technology……superb…..i was suprised when i heard this…..
    keep goin……

  6. vivek says:

    i m instrumentation engineer from india. i really surprised when i listen abt this technology.

  7. ssonam says:

    this sounds really great.but could you give us some more details about the working of projector,camera etc. n also the computer vision techniques used for it.

  8. Krishna says:

    I’m an engineering student & I was really surprised about techno marvel design of sixth sense,but I’m eager to about its working principle & further applications….

  9. nicky says:

    not technical.just the projector is displaying info,camera ,cell phone are common words,no special invention,
    iam an engineer fron india

  10. guhan says:

    i hear’d sixth sense by pranav and it’s intreasting i’m a ece from india

  11. NISHA says:


  12. epaphras says:

    really ausm project by yuong star pranav….am verymuch intrested in studying about this project..i need what r the technologies implemented and how that gesturs interface with phone….

  13. mituna says:

    i like th 6 sense techno. it’s just awesome nd cool

  14. tressa says:

    where can you buy this device?

  15. mano says:

    its really amayzing…..i wat 2 buy dis……its available in chennai

  16. Shruthi says:

    please send more information n ppt of sixth sense technology…as soon as possible

  17. Shruthi says:

    please send me the ful seminar report on sexth sense technology

  18. This is absolute awesome. When this technology come in market?

  19. swapna says:

    it is really amazing and am an engineering student from india can u pls send me some more information regarding to this topic!

  20. vinod says:

    why this technology has named sixth sense only


    please send me the ful seminar report on sexth sense technology as soon as possible

  21. tejaswi says:

    So nice.plz send video to my mail quickly.


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