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Posted on 12 March 2009

Be ready to have your Voice Call with Google Voice. Google wants you to have all your messages voice mails, emails, photograph in one single place. Google now making its move to enter in Internet Telephony Business by introducing its Google Voice service that has the capability to unite all of your Cell Phone call, voicemail and email box.

Google Voice work by assigning you a basic central phone number which will manage all the messages that belongs to you.

How it will work:

you just have to do is get yourself sing-in to, choose a new cell phone number that belong to your local area code. After assigning new number shift all you different phone numbers to the new phone number that is created in Google Voice.

After this setup all the voice mail calls that you receives on your different phone will instantly moved in your Gmail inbox. (The voice messages are freely transcribed.)

According to Google test of the product, this transcription has been done within seconds. Google aims to earn money in future by introducing cheap calls internationally.

Google Voice previously known as Grand Central is already working for the existing Grand Central clients. Google announces that the Google Voice will be available in next coming weeks to all google users.

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