Gmail’s New ‘Undo Send’ Feature

Posted on 21 March 2009

Many of you bang your head just after sending an email wishing that the email, you have just sent, could never reach to the recipient. So, here is a good news for you. Google has solved this problem by introducing ‘Undo Send’ feature. The feature lets you stops your emails reaching to the recipients.

How to Activate Google Undo Email

The feature can be activated from the Settings->Labs tab in Gmail  Once enabled, a new ‘Undo’ link will appear next to every sent e-mail confirmation.

When clicked, ‘Undo’ will take you back to the composing window and confirm the retrieval of the e-mail.

The idea behind is that each email is put in a queue for just five seconds, and is then sent to the recipients. This means ‘Undo’ link appears just for five seconds which is a very less time for most of us to give a second thought.

The Drawback

The drawback of the feature is that your emails are not going to be delivered instantly, but with a delay of five seconds. We may expect from Google team to provide an option to enter time as per our wish.

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