Amazing Invention – A Complete Computer in a 160mm ball

Posted on 24 March 2009

Today’s technology is at its peak point beyond what we could ever imagine. New inventions and innovations are emerging on daily basis. No one would have seen such amazing thing before. Our imaginations have dressed into reality and today it has become possible to have a whole computer in our pocket all the time. This ball computer has taken the computer technology to new horizons.

Ball With Computer in it

You may have seen many other inventions of this kind but what is unique in it is that when it is closed no one is able to guess that this ball contains a whole computer inside it. When you will open you will find a complete set which includes display screen, virtual keyboard and a mouse.
This is known as E-Ball which is designed by Apostol Tnokovski. He was aiming to create the smallest PC in the world when this idea comes in his mind.

E-Ball PC in action

It is shaped like a sphere because in its designer’s opinion this is the best shape in nature and it captures everyone’s attention.

This E-Ball features a dual core processor, 250-500GB HDD, 2GB of RAM, integrated graphic card and sound card, 2 x 50W speakers, HD-DVD recorder, wireless optical mouse and laser keyboard, LAN and WLAN card, modem, Web cam and integrated LCD projector.

Also, the E-Ball PC equipped with a paper holder and the paper sheet on the holder that would act like a screen where you can enjoy everything that you could enjoy on your personal PC.

This PC will measure 160mm in diameter and it was designed for Microsoft Windows OS. For now its price and date when it is going to be available is not known.However,everybody would like to see this small spherical PC.


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18 Responses to “Amazing Invention – A Complete Computer in a 160mm ball”

  1. lyle says:

    I want one. Great stuff.

  2. shoaib2k2 says:

    Great stuff i want one too

  3. ben says:

    did anybody else notice that in the small text on the ‘paper holder’ picture it called it the paper shit holder?

  4. abdul mutaal says:

    its going to be a revolution , the size is getting smaller and smaller , i wonder thing will get get romoved

  5. Asma says:

    l want to ask you
    how to download the programme of solide works
    its a great one

  6. chekiamz says:

    i like this kind of invention..hope to catch more information about this..the features, and the functions of its parts.

  7. Maria says:

    I am glad you liked this.. I am also looking out for more information on this computer in a ball… you seem to have lots of interest in technology!

  8. Suneel says:

    Looks like a photoshopped image. Donno why the specification images always look like graphics.

  9. javed says:


  10. Thanks for the information. I think this is most important informton for the student who think about the new techniques in invention of computer. This is really amazing information for me…

  11. rahul singh says:

    this is woderful. amazing

  12. Piyush Gupta says:

    i like this a lot is this safe , i meant o say that is it having any security feature if it’s stolen , 7 whix operating systrem r compatible in it

  13. mithu davis says:

    Can I get full information about it?
    Its amazing.

  14. shami says:

    its amazing…….i liked it…

  15. albert says:

    when its comming out ???

  16. Alexis says:

    how much do you think you would put that out for…

  17. vijendra says:

    its awesome know the world is changing///////////

  18. Perfect Innovation If It works under expectations.I am looking to purchase this…


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