Love Thy Neighbor but hack his Wi-Fi

Posted on 04 February 2009

My neighbor  works for a fortune 500 company. I don’t know what he does exactly but he got a 10mbps internet connection attached to his WiFi router. He is mostly not home till late in the evening. so all this bandwidth sits idle all day. such a waste!

I did try to connect to this router many times but it kept asking for a password. That son of gun must have it encrypted it. So what should I do, It is a sin to have a 10mbps wireless in range and not hack it. Its a sin. Too much for love thy neighbor..Let’s hack his Wi-Fi (For Educational Purpose of course )


And, by the way, I am his neighbor too… and he even won’t share his Wi-Fi with me.. what and A*s. He is more than welcome to use my 1Mbps DSL anytime. I have not put a password on it because I believe in sharing.

So, My quest for hacking my neighbor’s Wi-Fi (For Educational Purpose Only) has begun, I have done some initial research and found that I would need following tools

  1. CommView for Wi-Fi

  2. WEP Key Recovery

  3. Aircrack-NG

Let’ me find them on some forums etc…

Step by Step notes of what I am planning to do..

  1. Install Commview, then paste the included “cv.exe” to the directory you installed it to (c:program filescommviewwifi)
  2. Open commview and install the commview drivers to a card. It should prompt you about your card and than automatically install the driver. It is important that you have 1 card that works with commview or else the rest of the tutorial will not work
  3. Go to the “rules” tab and check “enable advanced rules”
  4. Type in the box labled formula “tods=1 and dmac=FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF” then type a name for your formula in the box labled name and than click add/edit.
  5. This should now appear in the upper box. if it is not checked, check it.
  6. Click settings>options>memory usage and turn maximum packets in buffer to 20000 (max). If it prompts you to restart it, do so. There are three funnel looking things on the main menu bar of commview. uncheck all but the first one (one labled “capture data packets”)commview
  7. Click the play button and scan for the network you want to crack.
  8. Once you have found it, drag the channel menu down to the desired channel and click capture.
  9. Now using your other adapter thats not capturing, connect to the password protected network. when it asks you for key, type in something random, i used 1234567890.
  10. It should now say connected with limited connectivity.
  11. Go back to your commview menu and click on the packets tab. you should see a couple of packets.wep-recovery
  12. Looking at the protocol column, you should see a couple labled IP/UDP, ARP REQ, and a couple of others. Right click on any packet labled “ARP REQ” and than click send packet, and selected. A mini menu should now appear.
  13. On the mini menu, change packets per second to 2000, and rather than 1 time(s), click continuously, and Then click send.wep-recovery2
  14. Go back to the main commview window and go to the rules tab, and uncheck the rule you made.
  15. You are now injecting and you should see the number of packets rising really fast.
  16. Save the packets, you have to save every 20000 packets, click file, save and than in the save dialogue, remember where you saved it, and instead of saving it as an ncf file, save it as a “dump” .cap file.
  17. Extract the Aircrack-NG folder.
  18. open aircrack-ng-GUI that can be found in the map “bin” and select the files you saved, and than click launch.
  19. Look at the list of IV’s you have, and select the network you want to crack , there should be a list of a lot of them, chose the one with the most IVs.
  20. You are connected to your neighbor’s Wi-Fi. Buy him some nice gift as he just let you use his 4Mbps connection :p

I would share the results of this experiment soon on this blog so don’t forget to subscribe to our RSS Feed or catch me on twitter


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149 Responses to “Love Thy Neighbor but hack his Wi-Fi”

  1. witty jester says:

    Help my commview doesnot show any networks on scanning even though my windows network detector does…Plz help

  2. man7100 says:

    when i start by play key, than start capturing when msg show ” ADEPTER’SHARDWARE RADIO IS OFF”. so can u suggest what a exact problem ?

  3. Kyouki says:

    Of course then there’s the question of what to do with a Windows OS. I have 7 and all but the aircrack works on it. That’s because there aren’t any Dll’s for Windows. Everyone says to make your own but no one tells you how to make it. Email me, any and all help is appreciated

  4. Ernesto says:

    I don’t have a computer but I get my neighbors wifi on my iPod touch.. Thats how I’m typing this.. But if I buy a xbox wireless adapter can I get on xbox live?

  5. earthshine says:

    If your MAC address doesn’t match my list, you will never get into my router

  6. Linerwireless says:

    Can u help me wat is card u mean by that u mean the wireless card?

  7. Ernesto says:

    Who are you talking about eathshine

  8. Daniel Morales says:

    I use ThomsonKey.exe, and have hacked all my neighbors internet! ;-) I found one that seems to be 4 or 5 meg!!!

  9. Daniel says:

    Hey all.
    I am doing as it is asking me to.
    I cannot get the three funnel things to come up.
    Can anyone help me please??

  10. B1gdaddy says:

    hey i just got a macbook pro and was wondering if this tutorial would work with a mac.

  11. Sam Kane says:

    ok this is interesting! will have to give it a test go a bit later and report back.

  12. lolitta89 says:

    where can i download WEP Key Recovery ??? pls send link

  13. First of all, awesome article! I’ve got a small question nagging me, I really enjoy the theme of your website and tried to install the same theme on my Worpdress site. Yet, there is some kind of weird coding error in the sidebar. Do you have any hints, what version are you using? Please PM me on Twitter @E-Online or via e-mail.

  14. james says:

    hi where can i get the (cv.exe),i couldnt get the cv.exe and how can i install commview wifi drivers to card ? let me know if u have some ideas

  15. Kandorean says:

    More EASY!!! You can hack any WEP wifi signal using the router Wifirobin. They are build to hack this WiFi signals by them self, no need any softwere. You can buy one at wifirobinUSA dot com.

  16. tlinux says:

    What about WPA?

  17. mariel says:

    i’m already in step 7..

    9. Now using your other adapter thats not capturing, connect to the password protected network. when it asks you for key, type in something random, i used 1234567890.

    i’ confused.. idont know how to go to the “other adapter that’s not capturing etc”.. pls help.

  18. mariel says:

    its step 9.. my bad :)

  19. roflmaster says:

    This works but it’s very impractical since you need 2 network adapters…

  20. anyuser says:

    Its breaking federal law to hack into someones ISP. If you get caught (and I have seen it happen) you will be in front of a federal judge, fined for sure and maybe go to jail if the judge is in a bad mood. I am a CISCO guy and our security people are pretty with it so be careful who you try to hack. The fortune 500 guy may know more than you…or me…

  21. ops says:

    Oh, Did We Forget To Mention ,is it WEP or WPA ?

    try to use Backtrack or Cain & abel

    could someone make some good video to explain how?

    Thanks a lot for all your help.

  22. LMR says:

    Aside from other considerations, WEP has not been a safe WIFI solution for years.
    LMR´s last [type] ..The Times Microwave LMR-240 Difference

  23. r00tb0ss says:

    earthshine….your MAC list really doesn’t matter, all I would do is spoof my MAC to match yours and kick your ass off your OWN wireless network and connect. Yes you can Ddos someone off their own wireless network. It’s called deauth aircrack can do it. You all should stop using Windows for wireless crap and move over to Linux and learn backtrack if you wan’t to play. WEP/WPA is not good wireless proctection these days, Hell you can pay 13.00$ and have a website crack a WPA handshake for you. Or download some rainbow tables and crack the WPA key yourself. Of couse Windows users wouldn’t know about that most likely. :P

  24. Ryan says:

    Get a job and pay for a 20 mbps connection like I do.

  25. rajshekhar says:


    When iam hacking wifi on my E63 mobile.WEP pass word is accepting after when i start browsing after two three min the message NO GATEWAY REPLY is appearing on screen,plzz guide me how to get connect to the browsing

  26. Leon says:

    Guyss ill help what you people cant do.
    Man 7100, you need to switch on your wifi adapter

    Ernesto: yes you can, just find the network again and conect. Its probs
    cause it has no password :D

    Linerwireless: its the card that you use to scan ans connect to wifi networks.

    Daniel: the funnels are on the near middle top right in a tab. they looks like funnels with letters D on one, M on one, C on one.

    Lollita89: i dont know where you can get it. I dont reccomend this tutorial. Theres better ones out there.

    James: Commview is on the internet, find it and install. Dont worry about copying the cv.exe. Its in the folder were you installed Commview.

    Mariel: you need 2 wifi adapters for this tutorial to work, you can either go buy another one (NOT recommended) or you can go find another tutorial.

    Kandoreon: go advertise your crap somewhere else

    roflmaster: Yes. Exactly

    Amyuser: smart, come find me then, my ip is (Sucker)

    Ryan: ROFLLMAO, i have a 800kb/s internet and i though that was fast.

    rajshekhar: NO GATEWAY REPLY, means the router shut down or its just not responding to the phone wifi. Are you out of signel or in a low signel place? maybe they turned off their router?

  27. Giltan says:

    After reading this I just tried to hack my neighbor with random pass, and it was 1234567890 WTF !!!! The strange thing is it’s shown wifi when I’m not coneckting, and when I do want to surf around it’s using system Internet instead ???… Any solution? A way faster surf would be ho mush greater. Uh WTF it’s back again now when I’m writing .weird

  28. Dom says:

    Where can I find a copy of WEP Key Recovery to download?
    Cheers :)

  29. Leon says:

    Giltan, its called connecting, not hacking. and what do you mean its shown wifi when your not connected? proberly cause it auto connects when you go into signel.

    Dom: on the commview website, i think you ahve to pay though.

  30. Capt. Awesome says:

    Is there any way to crack a wifi password with an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1??? Pls say there is…

  31. CMC says:

    I went to the toilet it was fun but how my crack internet?

  32. Tyson says:

    Cockroaches like you should be executed. What sort of a low life fuckhead hacks their neighbors wifi then boasts how to do it. What about the prick who did it to me to download child porn and the police came looking for me. If I ever caught the fucker or if I ever met a low life piece shit like you, I would string you up by your balls. And I see you have a whole pack of looses following you. Well done fuckwit!

  33. me says:

    I want to make one comment. (those that think this article is wrong, or that are rude about it, in any way.. are the type of people that will let their neighbor starve) that is correct!!
    at some point in the near future we will all be looking for food!! I can promise you that! Not only will YOU starve to death!! but you will hoard your food and then you will also die later>>

    Tyson Steven and Ryan!!
    I hope you die a slow painfull death, (if you haven’t already killed your self, poor pathetice peice of dog crapps that you are..

    Sorry, I have no use for this info but stumbled on it some how, and can’t help but to comment..

    I will share my food!!, Will you?

  34. bg says:

    nice tutorial.

    Just to let you know, there are newly developed anti sniffing sw in the air being transmittted. eg. bix-if.exe and are now out there and can permanently damage your laptops or other gadgets once it detects your using any kind of spoofing or attempting to enter any wifi AP through sniffing. It sends out delton packets which will bury itself deep into your OS, whatever gadgets you are using (laptops or iphones). It will then continuously send out packets in .09ms/sec making your laptop unstable until it crashes permanently. I suggest you just for a wifi subscription instead of paying for another laptop > OR< you can always take the chance..

  35. dodo says:

    dude my neighbor has a 54mbps wifi network and i just went to the store bought him cheap wine and gave it to him, then i just said that i have problems with my router and asked him for his password.Of course he gave it to me and now i use his ip address to download all sorts of stuff.Thats more easy than hacking. you just need 5 dollars and a neighbor

  36. Sonu says:

    using integrated wifi card.. can i hack wifi network

  37. Tony says:

    thanks allot this thing helped me big time ive been hacking every types of neighbors
    , again thanks alllllot

  38. prabesh says:

    hey i am not able to find “play” button neither i can scan for connections but my computer network shows these connections!!!help me plz
    i have completed upto step six but not being able to go futher than step 7!!!

  39. prabesh says:

    hey i am not able to find “play” button neither i can scan for connections but my computer network shows these connections!!!help me plz
    i have completed upto step six but not being able to go futher !!!

  40. prabesh says:

    hey i am not able to find “play” button neither i can scan for connections but my computer network shows these connections!!!help me plz
    i have completed upto step six but not being able to go futher !!!!

  41. YUDI says:

    hi bro! just want to ask…what is that “Now using your other adapter thats not capturing, connect to the password protected network. ” in step 9.. which adapter r u talking about! willwait for yer reply thnxx…

  42. Arun says:

    hey where can i find to free download WEP Key Recovery

  43. Jessica says:

    What is the best antenna to use with wifirobin instead of the stock one?

  44. Sasa says:

    Re: earthshine says:
    July 14, 2010 at 10:06 am

    If your MAC address doesn’t match my list, you will never get into my router

    MAC Spoofing

  45. Reverend Hugh Jarse says:

    Okay, you managed to crack the key; this is and educational part.

    having a probe around the router settings; this too is educational.

    clicking around the public connections; also educational

    accessing the internet via the router; this is THEFT!

  46. sfd says:

    i hate ppl you dont share so i tryed this free wifi :) better thing is once connected you can change thier security setting to unsecured :)

  47. pierre says:

    Love thy neighbour is from Gods word. The same instructions for life also state “thieves will not inherit Gods kingdom”. So bliss of stolen wifi will be temporary. I rather eternal happiness.
    Only got faith!!!

  48. santa says:

    omg. 1 mb and 10mb bandwith? are you kidding?:)) omg, only in america. even eastern european countries have atl east 50mbs. :) ) weak


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