List of Black Listed Domains: Known Scam Sites

Posted on 04 February 2009

You can find below a list of all know scam (online fraud) websites that should be black listed on all servers. Scam is a slang widely used for fraudulent activities. Its a pattern of activities some one knowingly engages in to con some one either for money or just for the fun of it. Phishing is one of the largest Internet related scams. Other scams can include advanced fee frauds such as fake lotteries and 419 scams – where individuals are sent notification that they have either won money or will obtain a percentage of a large amount of money belonging to a dead or missing individual sharing the same name. Individuals are tricked in to paying large sums of money to help facilitate the transfer of funds. The term 419 is derived from the number in the Nigerian Penal Code corresponding to this type of fraud.

If you know about a site that should be listed here, please leave us a comment and we will update this list.















egyptianclicks.INFO, not the .com!!

F (partial to Italians … Mamma mia! )







makefreemoneyonline (arabbux) (arabbux)



P (arabbux)











If you know about a site that is involved in scam/fraud, it should be included in this large list of black listed domains. these are known scam sites designed to rip people off their savings. many have suffered. so help us keep the list updated. Please leave us a comment and we will update this list.

Source: Chat rooms and forums on internet

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36 Responses to “List of Black Listed Domains: Known Scam Sites”

  1. Alexwebmaster says:

    Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  2. Bang Del says:

    very help full info. Thanks..

  3. Spider Gautam says:

    I see your web-site…good information..i want to know about….is it scam or not tell me?

  4. I would like for you to look into this site I believe that it is a scam. I was never paid after my units expired.

  5. nhatea says:

    I see your web-site…good information..i want to know about,….is it scam or not tell me?

  6. Hey,
    StableBux.COM isn’t a scam. We understand that there was a site using the domain extension .INFO but we the .COM version are not scammers.

    SB Administration.

  7. Maria says:

    They are also scams… beware

  8. jokermain says:

    Please fix, it isn’t a scam. They recently launched a couple of days ago, how it is posible that you can already know it is a scam site??

  9. JC says:

    you have mistaken with, the latter is the scam site

  10. DT says: isn’t a scam, I just got payed :)
    please remove it.

  11. Hector says:

    Stablebux.COM isn’t scam

  12. Ghuston says:

    this email address and the company fazzclothing is a big scam the guy goes by Adams Corry as personnel manager will take your information to hire you and then take all your money from your bank. this guy is from Africa Nigeria.

    Be careful

  13. says:

    Please add this one to the list – Thank you.

  14. dev says:

    guys please help me.. i want to know that whether is scam or is it really works please reply..

  15. fannie says: is a scam.

  16. Jim says:

    Any site that allows the download of 360share pro is a scam.

  17. Fara says:

    Webmaster, please add the

  18. mark cowie says:

    Add these to your list as one has a fake paypal interface:

    There are different versions of this website. Still finding more.

  19. mark cowie says:

    This one clones your credit details.

    They tried to make a fake application to my card company for another card and also tried to remove $500 bucks (USD) from my account!

  20. zitstif says:

    May I use your list as a part of a hosts list file (say in /etc/hosts) and redirect them to I just want to get your permission.

  21. great post thanks very much

  22. Am i allowed to make a recommendation? I think you have got a little something good here. But let’s suppose you added in a couple links to a website that backs up exactly what you are saying? Or possibly you might give us something to take a look at, anything that would associate what youre declaring to some thing tangible? Just a suggestion.

  23. dirk says:

    can you make list of legit bux sites ?

  24. F J says:

    both the sites send false impersonated invitations to join the network.

  25. alma flores says:

    I know a site which is a scam and never paid me after I earned $20. I hope you will put it here. It’s They just wasted my time and never paid me, not a single cent. Horrible site.

  26. Zain Devraj says:

    Why you’ve shot to all bux sites? Although some of these are not scam I can say regarding my lil personal experience. All those domains should blacklisted as well who are involved in electronic spam act.
    Zain Devraj´s last [type] ..WikiLeaks – World of Secrets

  27. Larissa Tormey says:

    This website wentvs dot com is claiming to sell TVs for the very attractive prices. They insist you pay by bank transfer. I paid 850 Euro in November. No TV, no money. The address on their website as well as their bank account in London’s Barclay’s Bank belong to the Chinese Restaurant in London. The phone numbers they are giving you on the website are not working numbers. Please help to shut them down.

  28. ARUN says:

    i want black listed website list as pdf formate, thank you

  29. Kevin says:

    I have a forum you can access at where the goal is to spread the word about scams. I found this list while doing some weekend research for the site and must say I am impressed with the vast list you have presented here! Hats off to you!

    At any rate, since I see this site is not purley an anti-scam website, figured I’d give a shameless plug for my Anti-Scam Website, You are invited to come check it out! Free Forum Membership, share your “Been Scammed Story” today!

  30. Johnathan says:

    I bought a Necklace on here, they charged my credit card and never sent the necklace to me. Tried to find a phone number to call but i could not find a number to call on the site. So i left a email and they never returned my email.

  31. Peter says:

    This site has been added to the Watch list so be careful of scam sites

  32. this site should be added as scam they fool with people emotion they suspended my account without any reason

  33. Andy says:

    I requested 2 Chairs, was asked to pay by cheque to keep down costs, Called and e-mailed no luck

  34. Andy says:

    ordered furniture, requested to pay by cheque big mistake,never supplied, called and e-mailed


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