Windows 7: Nothing More Than Vista Face-lift

Posted on 31 January 2009

I am disgusted each day I use windows 7. It is nothing more than a vista re-loaded. It is in fact worse. I long for my dear windows xp. All I have to do is word processing and browsing internet and viewing occasional Excel sheet and PDF documents that come via email. I think I can be more productive on XP.

I think, time is not really on Microsoft’s side. They are releasing one failed product after another. They are like Motorola these days. Motorola never came up with anything better after its RAZR mobile phone design. The bets version of Windows 7 Sucks and sucks badly. have a look yourself. Is this all worth an expensive hardware upgrade?

No! I think with economy slowing down, hardware vendors and IT managers will find it difficult to convince their customers and bosses to invest in fancy technology that is nothing more than a facelift over and existing OS. Take a look and decide for yourself

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10 Responses to “Windows 7: Nothing More Than Vista Face-lift”

  1. Just Me says:

    Actually, Windows 7 is much more efficient than Windows Vista. Windows 7 (compared to Windows Vista) has lower system requirements, more secure, unobtrusive, and runs applications with greater efficiency. Windows 7 is everything that Windows Vista was supposed to be.

  2. vipersonic says:

    Yeah, Windows 7 is actually much more efficient than Vista. There’s actually alot of things about Windows 7 that you take for granted about. For example, the new Windows 7 taskbar is easier than ever to use and much more neater. Just try switching back to XP or Vista and you’ll regret it.

  3. windows user says:

    you make it seem like other operating system updates are a complete renovation of an existing operating system.

    however you need to realize that just like windows, MAC OSX, linux, and many others are also mainly face-lifts of their previous versions and only have minor benefits over the previous version

    so before you go bashing microsoft do some research and get your facts straight.

  4. Jesse Cluster says:

    I am not going to dispute anything the author states in this piece. However from an informed perspective on both writing and technology I can’t say there is any value in the article at all. Just saying a new OS is “fancy” is not enough description of what it is that is specifically wrong with it.

    To be honest though my own gut feeling when I first ran the Windows 7 Bet(a) was similar to yours. And I am going to punch in the face the next person that gushes to me how much better 7 is than Vista.

  5. Mick Russom says:

    Just ran builds 7000, and 7077 for Windows 7. Crap. Just crap. Like the office ribbon, all the enhancements suck and are forced with no options like a classic start menu.

    The era of big names behind big operating systems is coming to a close apparently, because nothing Linux-based UIs, Windows or OS X is interesting at all. In fact, the biggest change in UIs came from a damn Nintendo with the WII.

    This stuff sucks, its a rip off to have to pay for a service pack, and this new “more powerful” “better” piece of crap cant even emulate a legacy start menu? Honestly, how can Dave Cutler not go on a murderous rampage – he should kill the marketing retards responsible for this stupid trash.

    Windows 7. Sucks. Boring, nothing new, and its a pay for service pack scheme and on top of it all it removes features and treats legacy applications like crap. Some power, so much power that older apps dont work. Stupid.

    FOAD Microsoft. This is bad that 7077 has nothing in it over Vista, nothing.

  6. blah says:

    windows 7 really is just a vista redux. i wont even begin to try predicting what the unwashed masses will end up doing with it, nor will i sully myself by arguing with any microsoft fabois.

    i will merely say that ive been using windows 7rc since it came out and thus far im pretty much unimpressed. the os does use a little less system resources than vista did, and some of the features that were new with vista which people hated have been tweaked a little.

    ultimately however, i personally dont like it, and find it frustrating as hell to use. i dont see the lower system requirements as being low enough. i despise how the root files and user files are impossible to customize or arrange in manner that doesnt cause files to get lost (i just save EVERYTHING to the desktop since i can never tell which folder the damn files are going to, even if i navigate to save the file in the folder i want it in, many times it will end up somewhere else). tweaks and power user settings that xp had are no longer available, and ultimately it just doesnt feel intuitive. it seems like the operating system fights me every step of the way.

    i made a promise to try windows 7 rc for 30 days despite any frustrations i may have, and i have about one week left in my trial run. i dont see myself keeping it. i think i will end up switching to linux permanently. ive always ran a dual boot of linux and xp, but the linux os usually went unused since im a pc gamer. this time however i have no real choice. i dont want to use vista or windows7, and there are a couple games out which are vista/7 only. it would serve me better to just begin mastering linux and wine, so that when its all over for xp ill be rehearsed and researched.

  7. ern says:

    Uh… have you actually used Windows 7? The networking options are completely reworked. Media sharing is easier. The taskbar is completely reworked and ten times as functional as in Vista. It’s faster. More stable (I’ve been running the release candidate for a few months now and haven’t had a single crash). The speed increase alone is worth the upgrade price. And I’m running it on a single core processor with 1 and a half gigs of RAM. I’m eager to see how it runs on my newer dual core laptop.

  8. zsolt says:

    I have a dualboot Windows 7 + Ubuntu 10.04. I have an EeePC user, so I really CAN tell u, if the OS has or hasn’t low needs. I have to confess, that Win7 runs quite all right. W7 is the best Win ever. There are some nice things there.

    On the other hand, these big improvements what u’re talking about are quite ridiculous when compared to the steps Linux OS’s do every half year a new one is released! I mean especially the speed. But Linux is far better in terms of usability, customization and features.

    Windows 7 is still JUST Windows. Looks definitely better than Win 98, however, hardly does more than the latter one. For the money spent on it this system is quite weak :( So I have to agree with ur “facelift” definition!

  9. Farah says:

    Well it is still after a makeover of previous windows edition.