What If The Escape Key Really Escaped?

Posted on 14 January 2009

I was wondering a lot about the escape key on the keyboard. Then I saw this really nice little image of an escape key escaping from the keyboard. I could not keep myself from sharing this with all of you.


Some more food for though today.. here is a talk I liked from TED.com. It is about creating a new interface to computing devices. iPhone is a great example of how multi-touch screen can change the way we interact with computers and underlying data.   Possibilities are endless.

About this talk

Jeff Han shows off a cheap, scalable multi-touch and pressure-sensitive computer screen interface that may spell the end of point-and-click.

About Jeff Han

After years of research on touch-driven computer displays, Jeff Han has created a simple, multi-touch, multi-user screen interface that just might herald the end of the point-and-click era. Full bio and more links

TED.com has become one of my favourite sites these days… so far I am loving what I see.

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2 Responses to “What If The Escape Key Really Escaped?”

  1. Lob Eng says:

    Touchpad is becoming so common nowadays, with speech and virtual air technology, escape button can really escape…

  2. nice post! Escape key is a bluff.Don’t Escape anything.


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