Hey Microsoft! Do We Really Need Windows 7?

Posted on 22 January 2009

Yesterday at dinner table, few of my tech friends and I were discussing release of Windows 7 by Microsoft. the little chit chat soon turned into a heated debate. Operating systems choice is a very subjective matter. There is no one-size-fits all OS. Each person choose his OS according to his personal taste and requirement. Most people currently use more than one Operating systems. Windows is such necessary evil that everyone has to use it at. There is no escape from Microsoft Windows. Although the list of free operating systems is growing, we still needs windows for majority of tasks(this statement was most controversial last night).

I still use Windows XP 2002 Professional, I have installed all critical updates and service packs. It came with my laptop and I am pretty happy with the way it works. I am not upgrading soon. not in next 2 – 3 years. Economy is slow, we need to keep the costs down. It is not a good time to invest in new hardware no matter what anyone says.

I think it is time to re energize save xp campaign.  Microsoft yielded to earlier petitions by users. It might once again let the sanity prevail. It only gave six months of extra time to this great operating system.

Hey Microsoft! Don’t kill XP! not yet… Please not until you have taken all the bugs out of Windows 7.

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13 Responses to “Hey Microsoft! Do We Really Need Windows 7?”

  1. pHluid says:

    The author acts as though all the Windows XP machines are going to suddenly keel over and format themselves when support expires in April. Trust me, it’s not going to happen. I still see users running Windows 2000 or even 98 SE; if it works for you, fine.

    XP has been around for 8 years. How many other manufacturers warranty and provide end-user support for EIGHT years? Not many.

    Do we need Windows 7? Yes. Some of us do. You are not the only person who uses operating systems. BTW, have you even tried Windows 7? It’s free*, you know. You might be surprised.

  2. Shoban says:

    Windows 7 is a real good OS… Nice comments from all over the world..I still use xp SP2.. I ditched vista one week after I installed it…. Windows 7 looks promising.

  3. Skipalong says:

    “Although the list of free operating systems is growing, we still needs windows for majority of tasks(this statement was most controversial last night).”

    Name all those tasks you can’t handle with other OS’. People keep hanging with MS-products cause they are too lazy or stupid to learn to use any other operating systems.

  4. Santosh Kumar says:

    i want to download a trial version of OS (Windows 7)for my pc

  5. umesh gupta says:

    i want to download a trial version of os window 7 for my pc

  6. GroundZero says:

    I heard bad things about VISTA, but my hacker knowledges tell me that users use week version of the VISTA family.I gave you one example…My Toshiba 2 year ago was the most advanced computer (portable) in the world.BUT, it came with Vista PREMIUM? 32 bits…WTF?The OS was allways crashing, until i got WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE 32 bits…It was the ONLY OS until know that didn’t gave any problems!

  7. Ubuntu Fan! says:

    People learn how to spell! GO UBUNTU!

  8. oleg says:

    Amigo… ;)
    move to the new things…
    Windows 7 is far more better than XP…
    there is just no way to compare….

  9. noor says:

    yup, you will know only when you try.

  10. Guest says:

    Many have come many more are to come, yet XP still rocks!, is there a way to hate not really, BUT Vista and Win7 are for the starters.

  11. Al says:

    Vista just plain sucks. I have just bought a new PC with Win 7. I have been using for a week now. So far I really like it, It has taken some getting used to, but so far I think it is much better than XP. I have never tried Linux before but, I will soon format my old XP system & give it a shot. Just trying to settle on which Linux based OS I want to try.

  12. Shobhit Singh says:

    Guys…I have been using Windows XP for the last 7-8 years. My laptop came with Windows Vista which I removed the very next day.

    I am also using Ubuntu 9.10 and believe me…none OS is better than this. Uses very less memory compared to Windows XP / Vista / 7. Hardly uses 250mb.

    Plus all Microsoft applications are 100% compatible with Ubuntu / Open Office. I am planning to shift over 100% to Ubuntu.

    For new users, it may seem to be pretty new, but within 2 months anyone can master Ubuntu.

    For the past 2 years, my Ubuntu has never hung up unlike windows xp where you regularly have to press ctrl+alt+delete.

    And if at all you want to still run windows, you can do so by installing virtualbox in Ubuntu and then run xp / vista in ubuntu.

    if at all anyone needs my help, please mail to

    ~~~~UBUNTU ROCKS~~~~~

  13. proglammer says:

    I use XP only at work and it’s not my choice! :) I have a macbook and it suits me in every way. so i guess microsoft should think of something brand new and not so holey. Haven’t tried W7 yet, but would like to. I guess I’ll install a copy on my wife’s laptop to see what this thing can do.


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