10 Most Expensive Antique Computers

Posted on 09 January 2009

When you decide to spend more than a grand on a computer these days, you expect a 2+ GHz processor, 4+ GB RAM. Ever thought wheat you could get for spending a 20 Grand? aka $20,000 USD.. Well I can help you buy a computer with 64 Kilo byte of RAM. At the time it was manufactured, the builder thought “who’s going to need more than 64KB of RAM?”

These are mean, bulky and ugly machines from past but they are getting this hefty price because they work. (Run, check out your garage, see if you have a treasure in your attic? If you have one.. take some pictures and post it for auction on eBay. I wonder how rich that basement guy must have become, since he had the most expensive of all old computers… enough of my ramblings.. enjoy the price tags and junk that you can buy for that. I can’t afford these, I know that for sure.

Presenting the ugliest computers from the past that came with outrageous price tags. Enjoy!

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Radio Shack TRS – 80 Model II (1979)
Price : $3,450 (32K RAM)
$3,899 (64 K Ram)

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Osborne 1 – Considered to be the first portable computer (1981)
Price : $1,795 (32K RAM)

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Otrona Attache (1982)
Price : $3,995 (64K RAM)

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Apple Lisa (1983)
Price : $9,995 (1MB)

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Apple III (1981)
Price : $3,495 (128K RAM)
$3,815 (w/ monitor)

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Compaq Portable III (1987)
Price : $4,999 (20MB HD)
$5,799 (40MB HD)

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Dynabyte (1981)
Price : $2,375 (64K RAM)

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IBM 5120 (1980)
Price : $9,340 (w/ printer)

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IBM Portable PC 5155 (1984)
Price : $4,225 (256 – 640K RAM)

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IBM Portable PC (1975)
Price : $19,975 (64K RAM)

Picked up from TechyShit (Must visit as there are some really interesting comments there)

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10 Responses to “10 Most Expensive Antique Computers”

  1. Jam says:

    You haven’t lived computer history unless you’ve used a computer with a “front panel” register and loaded the bootstrap loader using the register keys! GO PDP-8!

  2. Fortunately prices fell.

  3. Mike McReynolds says:

    I dunno.. a 4 bit RCA cosmac 4 bit controller (it will do 8 bit instructions!) is pretty wired (weird too) Or try a 5mb (as in megabyte) Winchester drive (CP/M) with a mirrored removable platter. The size of a portable dishwasher.

  4. Lee Weber says:

    Me want fantastic for history of computer from year 1930 to today.

  5. Andrew Thomas says:

    Heres a fun fact. U cn still get an IBM Portable (IBM 5100) for about a wopping $10,000 off. lol

  6. Richard says:

    I have a Phillips P320 Office Computer I was woundering if it is worth anything.

  7. Abbey Oudker says:

    If you are looking for a reliable machine I would recommend the IBM x3200 – You wont have problems with this one

  8. Ben parish says:

    Does anyone know what an ibm 5120 is worth ? ? ?

  9. mr locash says:

    Dude thank you for this website. I absolutely agree with you


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