How to wire a Cat-5 Cable with RJ45 connectors using wiring standards

Posted on 22 December 2008

This tutorial helps your understand how to wire a 10BaseT, 100BaseT or 1000BaseT connector with Category 5, 5e, 6, 6e cable and RJ45 connectors using USOC 568B wiring standards.

RJ45 is a standard type of connector for network cables. RJ45 connectors are most commonly seen with Ethernet cables and networks.

RJ45 connectors feature eight pins to which the wire strands of a cable interface electrically. Standard RJ45 pintouts define the arrangement of the individual wires needed when attaching connectors to a cable.

Several other kinds of connectors closely resemble RJ45 and can be easily confused for each other. The RJ-11 connectors used with telephone cables, for example, are only slightly smaller (narrower) than RJ-45 connectors.

Standard Patch Cable A

EIA/TIA 568A Colour Scheme

1 White-Green
2 Green
3 White-Orange
4 Blue
5 White-Blue
6 Orange
7 White-Brown
8 Brown

width="150" height="475">

width="150" height="475">

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