8 Reasons Why I hate MacBook Air

Posted on 07 November 2008

A laptop without CD/DVD drive is like a beautiful girl without boobs. Yes you can have implants for extra $99 but still its nothing like the original. It has a very slow processor, small hard drive, limited configuration options, limited ports, unswappable battery. It ships with 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo chip at 800MHz; 2GB of 667MH DDR2 SDRAM; 1.8in, 80GB hard drive (64GB SSD available); 13.3in widescreen display; Mac OS X 10.5; 802.11n; USB 2.0; Micro-DVI; headphone jack; Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR; 1.3kg; 4x325x227mm  & Price is upward from $2500 a piece



  1. 80GB Drive is too small for 2008 Generation.

  2. MacBook Air does not have a built-in CD/DVD Drive.

  3. A Laptop should never overheats like this.

  4. My favorite headphone jacks are not compatible.

  5. No Ethernet/modem port, only 1 USB port & lousy headphone jacks that suck.

  6. Battery can only be replaced by Apple like iPhone.

  7. No Expandable Memory (2GB built-in)

  8. PRICE


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8 Responses to “8 Reasons Why I hate MacBook Air”

  1. Hair says:

    So, don’t buy it.

    I don’t hate the MacBook Air, but I’m not going to get one myself. That’s because I need a faster processor, more ports and a bigger screen, and weight and size aren’t that important to me.

    However *many* people never use their optical drive on their laptop when they’re away from their desk (even I rarely do). Likewise many people don’t need the ports, faster processor, or larger screen. For this niche, the MacBook Air is a really great product at a premium price.

    Think of it as the Macintosh G4 Cube, only with the thought that the design also leads to function (in terms of mobility).

    Hairs last blog post..Halloween Severed Head Contest Winners

  2. Chris says:

    I hate the MacBook Air because it’s useless.

  3. Sp00t says:

    Like Hair said, you’re hating a product because it doesn’t have your needs. That’s like hating a custom built computer because it doesn’t have the features you want. The MacBook Air may be useful for someone who travels alot and doesn’t need it other than for business files etc.

    Sp00ts last blog post..Best Wii Game Ever! It’s called Hula Wii

  4. bigsean says:

    You have to keep in mind that the purpose of this product is not to offer high-end performance. think of it as a segue into the future of pc workstations. while the specs might not seem like much, they surpass any computer i ever owned up until 2005 or 6. the concept of the design is light, minimal, and wireless – which is the next major trend of pc’s. you have to start somewhere. sure the first model has some flaws, but that goes with any new technology.
    in just a few more years, with so many devices connected to the internet and widespread implementation of new wireless standards such as wimax, availability and transmission speed of the internet will greatly elminate the need for optical drives. think of it as a super-portable, energy efficient yet “full-sized” thin-client workstation, but with enough power to host its own operating system and keep plenty of applications and media onboard. it’s a step to the future. and the fact that an object so thin and light can even be a computer.. it’s just sick.
    rather than criticize over the lack of powerful specifications it isn’t intended to have, try praising the fact that a working implementation of some seemingly sci-fi space age concepts even exists. a step to the future, man

  5. Maria0Maria says:


    If your argument is correct then we have to appreciate and celebrate each step of evolution of thin computing.

    The point R. MAK. is trying to make is clear and well stated. He does not see the value for money in MacBook Air at this point in time.

    When MacBook will improve, I hope he will review and reconsider his opinion. but for now, I am with him on this…

  6. bigsean says:

    my point is, many (although not all) of r mak’s 8 reasons are complaints about lack of features that it is INTENDED not to have. it’s like buying a street bike and getting upset that it doesn’t have adequate tires and forks to ride on dirt jumps. or buying a desk chair and getting mad that it doesn’t seat three people. or buying a dvd player and complaining that it doesn’t play VHS tapes. let’s examine:

    80GB Drive is too small for 2008 Generation.
    –Note the option for 64gb ssd. Not as large, but much faster, less electrical consumption and less failure due to no moving parts…
    why is 80gb too small? don’t you use *nix OS’s r mak? it’s plenty for everyday use and productivity. again, this device is not intended as a multimedia server.. see next point also
    MacBook Air does not have a built-in CD/DVD Drive.
    –wireless. advances in internet speed and wireless technology are pushing toward the end of optical media. the whole point is that software/data is TRANSMITTED from the internet or some sort of host/server, reducing costs and environmental impact, as well as the hassle of organizing cd’s, etc that may break or get lost
    A Laptop should never overheats like this.
    –Good point. That IS something for apple to work on
    My favorite headphone jacks are not compatible.
    –Adapters? do you not use standard stereo spdif headphones?
    No Ethernet/modem port, only 1 USB port & lousy headphone jacks that suck.
    –again, wireless. this is a super-portable workstation. envision the world in 5-10 years when wireless access is virtually everywhere. why would one want to carry an ethernet cord around that he will never use? why should end user have to go back and forth between different connection mediums?
    not to mention, wireless “last-mile” implementations are exponentially cheaper for service providers. routing cables to each block, building, etc is a tremendous cost when you onsider digging, channeling, etc. in the near future, new link and physical layer network implementations will be easily deployed without having to dig and bury.
    Battery can only be replaced by Apple like iPhone.
    –anoher good point. look at the unit though. it’s paper thin. apple simply doesn’t want idiot customers taking it apart and tinkering and breaking things. this is something they should perhaps keep in mind for the future. but apple’s concept on hardware is: 1 source. this helps eliminate the driver nightmare common to general pc platforms. i guess they just extend this concept to all hardware, one for simplicity and more guarantee-able operation, as well as monetary reasons. so yeah that kinda sucks, but it follows apple’s rationale.
    No Expandable Memory (2GB built-in)
    –another good point. but see above. this follows the same rationale.

    i work in the IT dept of a large university. in just about every computer lab, every office, every learning center, basically almost every machine on campus, the workstations have good cpu’s and adequate ram, and that’s about it. pretty much all software is ghosted from central servers. photoshop, MOE, pro-tools, netbeans…when a user starts an app, it is sent over the network to their machine. whenever a machine reboots, all settings, data, etc are erased and reset to default. students and staff host their files on an internet accessible web-drive, which they can access on campus or from anywhere else. while mosto f the workstations DO provide cd-rom drives, i can say personally in the 4 years i’ve been here that i have used them no more than 10 times.
    while much of the univeristy has ethernet already wired in, and most of the newer buildings are designed to more easily run cable through ceilings, some of the older buildings are not so adequate. additonally, costs of deploying cable in new construction is high, and economy is down. solution: wireless access. the entire campus is internet accessible at a fraction of the cost of running ethernet cables and installing jacks through a single building.
    with environmental and
    economic efficiency becoming a greater and greater restraint, i think developments that the macbook air implements are a perfect solution, and i expect to see a tremendous rise in this type of device in the next few years, globally.

  7. bigsean says:

    and to further by rebuttle to maria, you stated:
    The point R. MAK. is trying to make is clear and well stated. He does not see the value for money in MacBook Air at this point in time.

    well, the point isn’t clear at all. the only part clear is that he doesn’t like the price.
    “A laptop without CD/DVD drive is like a beautiful girl without boobs. Yes you can have implants for extra $99 but still its nothing like the original. It has a very slow processor, small hard drive,”
    i mean, what is the factual basis of this? what are the metrics?
    very slow processor? i’m running an intel duo @1.6ghz, 2 gig ram, and it’s hella fast.
    i can run reason 4, rewired to ableton live 7 with 12 audio channels coming in from a studio mixer connected to various instruments and microphones, 8 midi channels running from ableton to reason receiving input from various midi controllers(keyboard, drum pads,etc), 8 stereo channels running from reason instruments back to Live, 10 mono channels from reason drumrack to live, apply chained effects and DSP’s to many of the audio channels, use various re-routing (sends, returns, compiles, etc) , and still do on-the-fly realtime recording and performance without a single clip, lag, delay, or loss.
    all this on WINDOWS XP HOME of all OS’s. so i don’t see how the cpu is slow, at all. if you run anything more than 500mhz, and it’s slow, you need to learn how to configure your OS and reduce the amount of wasted cpu cycles. processors haven’t been slow since the 80′s.
    n btw, i’m not tryin to jus come in and rock on everyones opinion, i just felt like r mak went a little over the top finding reasons that the macbook air sucks that aren’t really valid.
    a girl without boobs? more like a girl without clothes, IMHO! ;-)
    but yeah the price is too high, for now :D