Why All Of Us Should Have A Laptop?

Posted on 04 October 2008

Well, a Laptop is a pretty useful thing. It can really save the day. Apart from crunching numbers and running applications like Microsoft Office(Open Office if you are a Linux fan), Laptops do have some really incredible usages. You can take this list to your dad and convince him, why every one in the family should have a laptop. So here we go with our list of things you can do with your laptop.

  1. After all night surfing, The Laptop gets so hot that you can boil eggs for breakfast.

  2. HP Laptops are so strong that you can crack a nut or two if you like.

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12 Responses to “Why All Of Us Should Have A Laptop?”

  1. cchiovitti says:

    I’ve got another use – when I’m working at night and don’t want to turn on the lights and wake everyone up – I just use it as a flashlight. The other night I was trying to find a kitten that was playing under the bed so I just propped up my laptop and it lit it up nicely for me!

  2. Juancav says:

    Useful advices,and funny,you missed that you can websurfing in bed, warmly in winter time.

  3. Oliver says:

    plus, if you advertize for laptops, you make money.

  4. grumblebum says:

    That’s the weirdest looking boiled egg I’ve ever seen

  5. Matthew says:

    I absolutely love this list. Particularly the violent suggestions (swatting flies, discipline, karate kicks).

    Personally, I use mine as a cutting board for raw meats.

  6. Albin says:

    First one (Apple – egg )is nice

    Albins last blog post..Google SMS Channel launched in India

  7. They fly nicely when you throw them.

    Frank Johnsons last blog post..Obstacles Are Opportunities

  8. Ernest says:

    that is FRYING an egg… boiling involves water.

    but funny anyways and stealing wifi is fun

  9. Time Tracker says:

    Man o man…to anyone that owns a macbook pro, they know exactly that the fried egg picture isn’t far off. I just retired an old compaq laptop. Holiday nutcracker? :)

    Time Trackers last blog post..How a Smartphone can help your business and increase productivity

  10. sealy says:

    Haha very clever!!! but wheres a pic of a laptop battery exploding to start a campfire? lol


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