List of Free Linux/Unix Shell Account Providers

Posted on 22 October 2008

A Unix shell or Linux console is a personal account which allows users access to a command prompt on another machine. We mentioned those earlier in our Post about Linux Commands , With these accounts you can login to a remote server and execute commands on it. These accounts are normally accessed via SSH. Historically we used telnet for that but now telnet is fast becoming obsolete due to security concerns. These free shell accounts can be used to practice your Linux / Unix skills as well as making most out of IRC, Email, web hosting etc.

The free Unix shell accounts listed below are all provided by not for profit organizations. The existence of these non-profit organizations is vital for Internet community.So it is not good to bring them down. (you know what I am talking about). , http://sdf-eu.or

Server & services:
- two T3s lines
- SIGs, Music Compilations and Membership activities
- 10+ DEC Alphas (DS20L/DS10L) running NetBSD
- Supporter of the NetBSD project and The Computer History Museum in Mountain View California
- Members vote in new features
- Member contributed programs and tutorials
- 80MB (free), 600MB and 800MB disk quotas
- Membership perks (such as free admission to the Computer History Museum)

- User configurable email greylisting feature
- Partnership with Colleges world wide for free, in most cases, remote learning
- DSL as well 16,000+ Dialup access (PPP or SHELL) numbers in the USA and Canada
- IRC access to free users on Saturdays and Sundays
- project – user authored and maintained blogs, photo galleries, forums and more.
- VPN with IP4 assignment in our Class C.

Server: OpenBSD
Services: email, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs… (quota: 1Mb)

Services: email, ftp, telnet, lynx, personal webspace of 100K

Server: FreeBSD
Services: email, pop3, lynx, personal webspace, compile C programs (quota: 500kb)

Services:email,pop3,ssh,irc,ftp,web space (quota: 1Mb)

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12 Responses to “List of Free Linux/Unix Shell Account Providers”

  1. free shells says:

    Thanks for this info!

  2. Just what I neeed. Thank you!

  3. Michael V says:

    anyone wanting a free linux shell account , please send me a request at

  4. sitech says:

    Free Linux Shell Accounts

    * 24/7 access
    * Web based ssh
    * Compilation Alowed
    * Run Scripts
    * Most Languages Supported
    * 5 Background Services Allowed
    * GNU screen terminal multiplexer
    * running limited IRC clients or bots

    Non Jailed Shells for non profit organisations or educational institutions upon request.

    Free Support –
    Provider –

  5. Shellmix says:


    If you are looking free hosting with access to shell account we can give free account on .

    We give you access to

    - Domain hosting
    - Virtualhost
    - WWW
    - Mod_rewrite
    - PHP + GD
    - Perl
    - Python
    - Ruby
    - Ruby on Rails
    - Java
    - C
    - C++
    - SSH
    - Shell
    - MySQL + SSL
    - FTP + SSL
    - POP3 + SSL
    - SMTP + SSL
    - SSL
    - TLS
    - ControlPanel
    - PHPmyAdmin
    - Webmail
    - IRC, Irssi, BitchX, Screen, MC, wget, links, lynx, etc
    - Oidentd
    - You need something else ? .. just ask !!!

    You can create your own account RIGHT NOW !!

    host :
    port : 30 SSH

    login : newusershell
    pass : newusershell

  6. R. MAK. says:

    Thanks for Addition..

  7. isaiah says:

    Urfix offers its subscribers a free Linux(ubuntu Distro) Shell account. Unlike other free shells out there we do not give out crippled accounts that practically do nothing.
    Visit for more details

  8. cFire says:

    Insomnia 24/7 does free shell hosting too.

    More info on:
    Signup page:


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